Athena SWAN

Athena SWAN Silver Award

Athena SWAN in Psychology

Psychology has made a commitment to gender equality for all our staff and students. Our ongoing goal is to attract, retain and promote women throughout our pipeline.

Athena SWAN Silver Award

It is with great pleasure that the Psychology Athena SWAN Executive Group announce the success of our recent Psychology Silver Departmental Award (April 2016)‌‌ .

We believe that this achievement is reflective of a range of positive actions that we have taken across the past four years to improve the working environment and paths to career progression for everyone in Psychology. Some of our key initiatives have included the introduction of deputy senior leadership positions, the appointment of a Director of Post-Doctoral Research, and the introduction of a Promotion Roles and Committee’s (PRAC) panel to consider all staff and identify candidates for promotion and management roles within the Department. 

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