Our commitment to Athena SWAN

In Psychology, we are committed to promoting gender equality throughout the department. We believe that, in order to maximise the progression of our science, we need to harness the talent of the best and the brightest. This starts with providing equal opportunities for men and women so that our pool of talent is as inclusive as possible.

Whilst in Psychology we have a majority female student population, it is clear that there are key ‘drop off’ stages that result in women being underrepresented at more senior levels. In Psychology, more than most disciplines perhaps, the drop off in female representation is most stark.

It is for these reasons that we are enacting a number of initiatives designed to tackle the gender imbalance via the Athena SWAN self-assessment process. For example, we have/ are currently:

  • Producing videos of academic staff at different career stages to provide role models for staff and students to go on our web page.
  • Holding promotion workshops, which provide more detailed information to staff about the criteria and processes required for promotion.
  • Involving more junior women on interview panels so that there is a greater gender mix on interview panels
  • Conducting early career researcher focus groups to communicate and engage with ECRs and the issues that are important to them
  • Encouraging staff to use the post-it notice board to identify issues pertinent to staff members within the department