See below for the latest news on our research and activity.

The CIC team have been involved in the following activities this month:

New collaboration with the British Vets Association

The project will involve Michelle Ryan and a research assistant (Moses Ikpeme) working with the British Veterinary Association (and other stakeholders, such as the Royal College Veterinary Surgeons) to build on previous work from Vet Futures project.

There will be a particular emphasis on rewards, recognition and working conditions of vets and veterinary nurses particularly in respect to retention within the profession, the drivers of low and unequal pay, and the feminisation of the profession.

In Step 1 we will review existing data. In Step 2 we will meet with key stakeholders to understand all the concerns and issues and to identify areas of priority and overlap. In Step 3 we will decide on the focus of the project, weighing up the priority concerns, existing data, feasibility, resources, and quick wins. Step 4 will be the design on the study (studies) and quantitative data collection. Step 5 will be the production of a Brief Report for BVA which summarises methodology and key findings and outlines key recommendations. Step 6 will be the creation of a brief action plan to lead to next practical steps. We will also explore the possibility of publication of data through academic means and the creation of impact and engagement with stakeholders, including broad dissemination of findings to practitioners and academics.

Michelle Ryan gave a keynote talk at the British Psychological Society Social Section conference