News archive - 2011

Caterpillars aren’t so bird brained after all

Caterpillars that masquerade as twigs to avoid becoming a bird’s dinner are actually using clever behavioural strategies to outwit their predators, according to a new study.

Psychology Professor appears on Panorama

Professor Stephen Lea has appeared on Panorama talking about his research into why people fall for scams.

Exeter event examines how and why we spend money

It has never been more important to understand how we behave in the presence of money. More than 250 of the world’s experts in economic psychology and behavioural economics have been sharing the latest research and thinking at an international conference hosted by the University of Exeter.

Exeter psychologist pens one of UK’s top 25 management books

A book by University of Exeter psychologist Professor Alex Haslam has made it onto the shortlist for the coveted title of CMI Management Book of the Year.

Training in 'concrete thinking' can be self-help treatment for depression

New research provides the first evidence that depression can be treated by only targeting an individual’s style of thinking through repeated mental exercises in an approach called cognitive bias modification.

Exeter study inspires new brain injuries interest group

Research by a University of Exeter psychologist has inspired a group of charities and pressure groups to establish a new consortium, focused on the effects of brain injuries.

Female fish choose attractive friends to avoid attention

Scientists have observed a strategy for females to avoid unwanted male attention: choosing more attractive friends.