Steve Punt, comedian and host of the BBC Radio 4 'Third Degree' quiz show.

BBC quiz show recording at University

It will be ‘fingers on buzzers’ at the University of Exeter on Wednesday 30 January as students and lecturers prepare for the arrival of BBC Radio 4’s lively quiz show, The 3rd Degree.

The show, which is hosted by comedian Steve Punt, pits a team of three academics – world-leading specialists in their field of Psychology, Bioscience and Philosophy, against a team of three undergraduates, who study the subjects of the lecturers. 

The rounds vary between specialist and general knowledge, quickfire bell-and-buzzer rounds, and the show’s signature round, ‘Highbrow, Lowbrow’, in which the students’ knowledge of current affairs, history and science is tested along with their professors’ understanding of Big Brother, Lionel Messi and Lady Gaga.

Whilst the show will have all the rigour of a formal quiz, with questions and scoring approached in serious fashion, there will also be a light-hearted and witty angle, as the students attempt to get one over on their more learned opponents.

The three academics putting themselves on the line are Professor Robbie MacDonald (Biosciences), Professor Michelle Ryan (Psychology), and Professor John Dupré (Philosophy). 

Speaking about his excitement at being involved, Professor Dupré said: “This is the first time I’ve been on a quiz show since my family took part in (and won!) the first series of Ask the Family in the 1960s, so I’m rather looking forward to revisiting an experience from my distant past. Of course, we do have some very bright students, and I have a little trepidation at the possibility of appearing to know less about philosophy than the undergraduates.”

The 3rd Degree travels to universities around the country, and Exeter is one of six venues chosen for the current series. 

The pre-recorded quiz show is on Wednesday 30 January in the Moot Room, Amory Building, Streatham Campus. Students are being encouraged to make up the main contingent of the audience. The event is free and recording starts at 5.30 sharp, until 7pm. To register as a member of the audience please email and if you are coming from the Cornwall Campus, please state this in your email so that we can arrange transportation. Walk up on the day is feasible, however registration is encouraged.

The episode of ‘The Third Degree’ quiz show will air on BBC Radio 4 on a Monday at 3pm from 25 March to 29 March.


Date: 24 January 2013

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