Steve Punt the host for the BBC R4 Third Degree quiz show

Listen up! Exeter on form in BBC Radio 4 quiz

On Monday 1 April, a team of academics and students from the University of Exeter will be pitting their wits against each other on BBC Radio 4’s lively quiz show, The 3rd Degree.

The broadcast is part of the new series hosted by comedian Steve Punt, aired on Mondays at 3pm and repeated the following Saturday at 11pm.

The three academics putting themselves on the line are Professor Robbie McDonald (Biosciences), Professor Michelle Ryan (Psychology), and Professor John Dupré (Philosophy), all of whom are leading specialists in their fields. The undergraduates, who study the subjects of the lecturers are Laurence Belcher, Anna Clifford, and Jack Griffiths.

Whilst the show will have all the rigour of a formal quiz, with questions and scoring approached in serious fashion, there will also be a light-hearted and witty angle, as the students attempt to get one over on their more learned opponents.

The 3rd Degree travels to universities around the country, and Exeter is one of six venues chosen for the current series. The Exeter episode was pre-recorded earlier this year in the Moot Room on the Streatham Campus, with a lively audience made up of students and staff.

Date: 30 March 2013

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