GREAT training session with Professor Linda Clare

Training session with Professor Linda Clare and Mrs Jackie Pool

GREAT training session

Training session with Dr Ola Kudlicka

NWORTH, the Bangor Clinical Trials Unit

NWORTH, the Bangor Clinical Trials Unit

Mrs Jackie Pool

Mrs Jackie Pool, occupational therapist, specialist consultant and experienced trainer.

Meet the Research Team

The trial protocol was developed by a team of researchers involved in the care of people with memory difficulties. The local principal investigators (PIs) lead the research sites and, together with other co-investigators, oversee the overall running of the project and ensure that the trial achieves its objectives.

The co-investigators and the research team are introduced below, together with a brief description of their areas of expertise and roles in GREAT.

Research Centres

The GREAT trial takes place in eight centres across the UK and is co-ordinated from the University of Exeter. In each centre work is carried out by a part-time research assistant and a part-time therapist overseen by a local PI.

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Exeter Co-ordinating Centre

The GREAT trial is co-ordinated from the University of Exeter, where the Chief Investigator and Trial Manager are based. The Clinical Trials Unit (NWORTH; North Wales Organisation for Randomised Trials in Health) is based at Bangor University.

Chief Investigator

Professor Linda Clare is a clinical psychologist who developed the cognitive rehabilitation (CR) approach for people with early-stage dementia and led the pilot trial. Professor Clare is responsible for trial management, the intervention protocol, and the reporting and dissemination of findings.

Trial Manager

Dr Ola Kudlicka oversees the day-to-day running of the trial, provides operational management and ensures the coordination and the delivery of the project.

NWORTH staff involved in GREAT

The GREAT trial is supported by NWORTH, the Bangor Clinical Trials Unit. NWORTH provides guidance on all aspects of quality management and regulatory issues and conduct regular audits to ensure that the project is managed to the highest standard. NWORTH staff provide randomisation services and manage the MACRO system for electronic data capture.

  • Senior Statistician: Dr Zoe Hoare
  • Trial Statistician: Dr Andrew Brand
  • NWORTH Trial Secretary: Mrs Karen Law
  • IT Support: Mrs Lexi Bastable
  • Quality Assurance and Compliance Officer: Ms Debbie Skelhorn


The trial is overseen and supported by the research team consisting of clinical psychologists, geriatricians, old age psychiatrists, an occupational therapist, a statistician, a health economist, and a research communications specialist from the Alzheimer’s Society, who bring a range of skills and expertise in research and in the care of people with memory difficulties.

Professor Anthony Bayer, Ms Alison Culverwell, Dr Ian James, Professor Roy Jones, Professor Michael Kopelman, Dr Iracema Leroi, Professor Jan Oyebode, and Professor Bob Woods are experienced academic clinicians with expertise in researching psychosocial interventions and a background in clinical psychology, old age psychiatry, neuropsychiatry or geriatric medicine. They provide project leadership at each site, supervise the day-to-day work of the research assistants, and will contribute to the dissemination of findings and local NHS implementation.

Professor Alistair Burns, from the Department of Health and Manchester University, provides support to the trial generally as well as leadership at the Manchester site.

Dr Anne Corbett is a research communications specialist based at Kings College London, who works closely with the Alzheimer’s Society, and who represents the perspective of people with memory difficulties and their carers. She contributes expertise in relation to patient and public involvement, and the dissemination of findings. The Alzheimer’s Society is a partner in the project, supporting patient and public engagement and dissemination (

Professor Martin Knapp is from the London School of Economics and contributes expertise in health economic evaluation. Health economic evaulation is supported by Ms Cate Henderson, who is also from the London School of Economics.

Mrs Jackie Pool is an occupational therapist, specialist consultant and experienced trainer. She provides expertise in applying rehabilitation in dementia care and in therapist training and supervision. Mrs Pool oversees the work of the therapists and the therapy process through individual supervision meetings.