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REACH Network

The REACH Network was established in 2016.

This network aims to bring together colleagues from the University of Exeter from a range of discplines, including the social sciences, business, arts and humanities and the medical school, whose current research activities and interests include a focus on ageing and dementia.

Organising Team

Professor Linda Clare, Psychology and PenCLAHRC

Professor Gabriella Giannachi, English

Dr Catriona McKenzie, Archaeology

Dr Siobhan O'Dwyer, UEMS

Dr Julia Teale, Psychology and PenCLAHRC


Dr Martin Anderson, Psychology

Cariad Astles, Drama

Professor Clive Ballard, UEMS

Dr Thorsten Barnhofer, Psychology

Tania Barton, Law

Professor Manuela Barreto, Psychology

Dr Bert Bond, Sports and Health Sciences

Dr Joanne Bowtell, Sport and Health Sciences

Dr Hannah Chiswell, Politics

Dr Rachel Collins, UEMS

Professor Giovanna Colombetti, Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology

Dr Joanne Connell, Business

Dr Anne Corbett, UEMS

Isobel Evans, Psychology and PenCLAHRC

Professor Paul Farrand, Psychology

Dr Vicki Goodwin, UEMS

Dr Ali Haggett, History

Dr Johanna Harris, English

Dr Iza Kavedzija, Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology

Professor Susan Kelly, Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology

Dr Ola Kudlicka, Psychology and PenCLAHRC

Dr Ruth Lamont, Psychology and PenCLAHRC

Dr Iain Lang, PenCLAHRC

Professor Mark Levine, Psychology

Professor Catherine Leyshon, Geography

Dr Mike Leyshon, Geography

Dr David Llewellyn, UEMS

Dr Anthony Martyr, Psychology and PenCLAHRC

Professor Rose McCabe, UEMS

Professor Thomas Morton, Psychology

Dr Sharon Nelis, Psychology and PenCLAHRC

Dr Noreen Orr, UEMS

Dr Catherine Quinn, Psychology and PenCLAHRC

Dr Sharon Savage, Psychology and UEMS

Professor Gareth Shaw, Business

Professor Philip Stern, Business

Catherine Talbot, UEMS

Professor Jo Thompson Coon, UEMS

Professor Ingelin Testad, UEMS

Professor Keith Wesnes, UEMS

Dr Yu-Tzu Wu, Psychology and PenCLAHRC