Why Raise Awareness of Aphasia?

Aphasia affects millions of people:

  • The person with aphasia
  • Their family
  • Their friends
  • Their workmates and colleagues
  • Their church or club community
  • Others within their community


  • Most people have no knowledge of aphasia, unless it happens to them or someone they know.
  • If people don’t know what aphasia is they may be unhelpfully to people with aphasia.
  • They may believe their intelligence is impaired.
  • Learning about aphasia is the best way to help people with aphasia and their families, friends, and others in their community.

When people are aware of aphasia:

  • Laws are passed to protect the rights of people with aphasia
  • New services are offered in the community to help people with aphasia
  • Other people learn how to communicate with aphasic people
  • Other people know that intelligence is not impaired in people with aphasia
  • Other people are more prepared to help when help is needed
  • More funding goes to aphasia
  • More funding goes towards therapy

 These changes improve the quality of life for millions of people:

  • With aphasia
  • Their families
  • Their community