Paediatric Neuropsychological Interventions - Implications for service development

Free workshop: Thursday 25th June 2015 09:00-17:00

Washington Singer room 219, Streatham Campus, Exeter University, U.K.

This workshop will be the first in a series of three that will focus on the development of an adoption, implementation, and maintenance plan of neuropsychological interventions for paediatric acquired brain injury in the NHS and educational contexts.

The workshop will involve input from commissioners, educational providers, clinical service leads, parents, researchers, and charities.


In the UK a child injures their brain every 30 minutes. Paediatric acquired brain injury (pABI) can affect cognition, emotion, and behaviour, which can impair the child’s ability to cope with everyday life and gain future independence. Despite these long-term difficulties, children with pABI do not automatically receive specialist education, often returning to mainstream schools with little or no additional support. Furthermore, although some specialist NHS services do exist in the UK, children are often discharged from services before any neuropsychological effects of pABI manifest themselves (e.g., some cognitive functions mature later in childhood, causing difficulties to present years after injury).


  1. Facilitate engagement between key stakeholders involved in local and national clinical and educational provision.
  2. Identify examples of best practice, and develop a collaborative strategic plan for the delivery of neuropsychological interventions in the South West.
  3. Establish a collaborative network of key stakeholders to contribute to the development and implementation of such a plan, and a platform for future work.
  4. Provide a platform for all delegates to enhance their understanding and contribution to local and national clinical and educational policies.


  1. A platform and network to inform and influence local and national clinical and educational policies for Children and Young People, particularly those with pABI.
  2. Identified areas for strategic clinical-research and education-research.
  3. Professional development opportunity for delegates interested in understanding and contributing to local and national clinical and educational policies.
  4. A report to share with the NHS England and other national policy-makers, with specific guidance on adoption, implementation, and maintenance plan of neuropsychological interventions in the NHS and educational context.

Detailed programme will be available soon.

For any further information, please contact Dr Anna Adlam and the team: a.r.adlam@exeter.ac.uk.

For directions and travel information to help plan your journey please see www.exeter.ac.uk/mooddisorders/location.

Event organisers

Dr Anna Adlama, Dr Catherine Gallopa, Dr Het Robertsa, Professor Tamsin Fordb, Professor Brahm Norwichc, Dr Richard Tomlinsond, and Anna Mousere.

a Psychology, University of Exeter, U.K.
b University of Exeter Medical School, U.K.
c Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter, U.K.
d Community Child Health & Acute Paediatrics, Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust.
e British Psychological Society, Division of Neuropsychology Policy Officer.