Child Brain Injury Research Advisory Panel

We would like to design and conduct our research studies in partnership with families of children who have survived a brain injury. We are, therefore, inviting parents and young people to be members of a Research Advisory Panel.

Families who join the Research Advisory Panel will not be expected to participate in the research study, or any other studies conducted by the team. Membership of the panel only involves being invited to comment, provide feedback, or advise on the research study.

To be a member of the panel, parents and young people will be asked permission for Dr Anna Adlam to keep a record of their email address on a secure server at the University of Exeter. We recommend one email address per family with a parent/guardian as the named contact person. Anna can then contact members of the panel (separately to maintain confidentiality) about the various stages of the research to seek their advice on how to proceed. If members do not wish to respond, then they do not have to. Members can also request to be removed from the advisory panel at any time without any future involvement with the research team or University being affected.

How can you help?

If you would like to support our research by joining the Research Advisory Panel, then please email Anna at Please include ‘Research Advisory Panel’ in the email subject heading.

For further information about a current research proposal that we are writing with the Children’s Brain Injury Trust, please download the research advisory panel information sheet (.pdf).