Designing problem-solving training for children with brain injury (9-12 years)

This study aims to better understand the everyday difficulties that children who have had brain injury, and their families, experience and to work with children and families to identify and develop interventions that might be helpful. If you are interested in participating the ‘Designing problem-solving training for children with brain injury (9-12 years)’ research study conducted by Dr Anna Adlam and the research team at the University of Exeter, then please fill in your details / your child’s details below. This will enable your contact details to be shared with Dr Anna Adlam and the research team. All information that you provide will be hosted on a secure University of Exeter internet server and will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act. No information will be shared with third parties. You will receive a confirmation email when your details are registered. You will only be contacted about research studies with appropriate ethical approvals. Thank you for your interest in this study.

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