Cognitive and Sleep Disorders Clinic (Prof Adam Zeman)

This NHS Clinic is provided by the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in clinic space at the Mardon Centre.  It primarily provides a diagnostic assessment service for patients with neurological sleep disorders (particularly narcolepsy and parasomnias) and early-onset or atypical cognitive and neuropsychiatric disorders. Patients come from throughout the South West. The clinic requires a GP or Consultant referral.

Community based neuropsychological assessment clinics (Dr Phil Yates)

These are NHS clinics that provide neuropsychological assessments of community patients following referral from Consultant Neurologists, GPs, or the community brain injury team. Referrals are primarily for Differential neuropsychological assessment, tracking cognitive recovery or decline, to assist neurological diagnosis, and to inform neuropsychological intervention and rehabilitation programmes.

Neurology Couples Clinic (Dr Phil Yates)

This is an NHS clinic for Devon patients and is based at the Mardon Neuro-rehabilitation Centre. It is by a clinical psychologist and clinical neuropsychologist who both specialise in neurological rehabilitation. The clinic offers a conjoint model of couples therapy where at least one partner in the dyad has a neurological condition. The clinic primarily focusses on relationship issues challenged via acquired brain injury or degenerative neurological disorders.

Neuro-rehabilitation Assessment Clinics (Dr Phil Yates)

These are NHS multi-disciplinary clinics run by the Mardon Neuro-rehabilitation Centre involving Clinical Neuropsychology, OT, Physiotherapy, Neurology, and Nursing. The clinics assess for suitability and motivation for inpatient neurological rehabilitation for periods of between 4 to 12 weeks. A primary focus of this clinic is to assess people who present with complex neurologically unexplained symptoms.