Disorders of memory and consciousness theme

The TIME project (Professor Adam Zeman and Dr Fraser Milton)

This project was launched in 2003 to study interactions between epilepsy and memory, in particular the syndrome of Transient Epileptic Amnesia and its associated interictal memory disorders: accelerated long-term forgetting, autobiographical and topographical amnesia. This fruitful project, led from Exeter, involves collaborators in Oxford, Edinburgh, Sydney and Buenos Aires. It has generated around 25 publications, and continues to recruit patients actively with the help of the British Neurological Surveillance Unit (BNSU). For more information see projects.exeter.ac.uk/time.

Other projects led by Professor Adam Zeman

We have described a series of informative single cases using neuropsychology and neuroimaging, including, recently, the first PET study of a patient with Cotard’s Syndrome (Cortex, 2013) and an fMRI study of a patient with an exceptionally pure disorder of visual imagery generation (Neuropsychologia, 2010). We collaborated with members of the English Department at Exeter University in the first fMRI study comparing brain activation by poetry and prose (JCS, 2013).