Mild Traumatic Brain Injury/Sports concussion theme

Emergency care of Traumatic Brain Injury (Professor Huw Williams)

We have identified key risk periods for TBI and what types and levels of injury and emotional factors (such as acute stress) influence outcome. This has led to a clinic in the Emergency Dept in which we work closely with A&E Consultants on testing patients within hours of mild trauma on computerised measures to identify those at risk of poor recovery.

Sports Related Concussion (SRC) (Professor Huw Williams)

We work with a premiership rugby team and University of Exeter squads, on projects exploring potential changes in brain connectivity and functions after SRC. These projects are in collaboration with Prof Dave Sharp (Imperial College, London) and Dr Andrew Gardner (University of Newcastle, Australia). This will help us develop better systems for identifying athletes at risk of poor recovery, and potential for improved interventions.