Members of the CRAB team

Centre members

If you would like to know more about any of our research please do not hesitate to contact one of us. We are keen to help and to introduce you to the fascinating areas in which we conduct our research, teaching and professional activity

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Academic staff
Dr Lauren Brent (Early Career Leverhulme Research fellow)
Dr Matthew Collett
Professor Darren Croft (Academic Lead)
Dr Safi Darden
Dr Tim Fawcett
Dr Natalie Hempel de Ibarra (CRAB Strategic Research Lead)
Dr Andrew Higginson (NERC Independent Research fellow)
Professor Stephen Lea
Dr Lisa Leaver
Dr Joah Madden
Honorary staff Kenneth C. Balcomb, III
Dr Malcolm Burgess
Dr Helen Morrogh-Bernard
David K. Ellifrit
Clare Padfield
Dr. Amy Plowman
Dr Humphrey Sitters
Dr Debbie Young
Postdoctoral Fellows Dr Josefine Bohr Brask
Dr Sam Ellis
Dr Robert Heathcote
Dr Elisa Frasnelli
Dr Ka Yee Chow
Dr Alessandro Macario
Dr Jayden van Horik
Dr Mark Whiteside
Research students Jade Barrett, Christine Beardsworth, Destiny Bradley, Lucy Capstick, Rachel Crisp, Sylvia Dimitriadou, Andrew Hall, Katie Hall, Raluca Herascu, Ellis Langley, Christina Meier, Lucy Nevard, Théo Robert, Paul Rose, Caitlin Searle, Chloe Stevens, Sara Zonneveld
Alumni Dr Nicole Dorey, Dr Mathew Edenbrow, Dr Holly Farmer, Dr Emma Foster, Dr David Gordon Dr Kazuhiro Goto, Dr Lucy Hopewell, Dr Jess Isden, Dr David Jacoby, Dr Kimberley Jayne, Dr Kristen Jule, Dr Kathy Knight, Dr Alessandro Macario, Dr Lou Millar, Dr Beth Nicholls, Dr Britta Osthaus, Dr Kirsten Pullen, Dr Toni V. Shephard, Dr Sathish Raja, Dr Natasha Boyland, Dr Xareni Pacheco
Research Technician Leila K. Goss
Christine Soper