Media reports

Research into the glass cliff has atttracted media attention from around the world. Please click on the links below to read more:

Are women in power set up to fail? -New York Times (12 Dec 2008)

Women at the top face a Glass Cliff -Jantina Tammes Lecture by Michelle Ryan

Fallen women - The Guardian (13th August, 2007)

*Vrouwen relatief vaker op riskante posities dan mannen - Economie Nieuws (Netherlands), p.11 (19th June, 2007)

Career women 'must network more' to climb the job ladder - (12th December, 2005)

The glass cliff in the legal profession - Link the association of women solicitors (Autumne 2005, Issue 19)

The 'glass cliff': Think crises - think female - (4th October, 2005)

Glass ceiling broken but cliff to be climbed - (31st August, 2005) page 1 2 3

*How women are promoted to fall of the glass cliff - Daily Mail (31st August, 2005)

*Glass ceiling's cracked ... now just bewar the glass cliff - The Scotsman (31st August, 2005)

*Women managers hit 'glass cliff'- Metro Manchester/Metro London (31st August, 2005)

*Why women are promoted to top jobs where they are bound to fail - Scottish Daily Express (Glasgow) (31st August, 2005)

*How women are promoted to fall off the glass cliff - Scottish Daily Express (Glasgow) (31st August, 2005)

'Glass cliff' is new threat to career women - (30th August, 2005)

From ceilings to cliffs - The Hindu (29th June, 2005)

Glass Cliff for top women - ABC Radio National, Australia (12th May, 2005)

*Strugglers appoint women chief execs - April, 2005)

Focus on discrimination misses point - Management Issues (9th March, 2005)

Women's ENews (25th October, 2004)

Women in high places perch on glass cliff - Women's News (25th October, 2004)

Are top jobs risky for women? - New Vision (Uganda) (19th October, 2004)

Women win the boardroom battle - (22nd September, 2004)

Have you scaled the summit for nothing? - icWales (21st September, 2004)

Women on the edge - The Guardian (13th September, 2004)

Business bites: Gift horse or poison chalice - Manchester Online (11th September, 2004)

Are female execs walking into trouble? - The Daily Telegraph (9th September, 2004)

McLibel finally gets interesting - second time around - The Guardian (8th September, 2004)

Women face 'glass cliff' effect - (8th September, 2004)

Women who break through the glass ceiling face a cliff hanger - The Times (7th September, 2004)

Women on the edge - The Guardian (7th September, 2004)

Why failing firms put women on board - The Daily Telegraph (7th September, 2004)

Report: Glass Ceiling leads to Glass Cliff - Washington Times (7th September, 2004)

Rabble Discussion Forum (6th September, 2004)

*Women in business face the 'glass cliff' - IOL (6th September, 2004)

How pride and prejudice blur men’s view of the glass cliff - Innovations (6th September, 2004)

Not so much a glass ceiling a s a glass cliff - Management Issues (6th September, 2004)

Women looking over glass cliffs - BBC News World Edition (6th September, 2004)

Women face the glass cliff - This Is London (6th September, 2004)

Women on the edge of a glass cliff - (16th June, 2004)

Introducing ... the glass cliff - BBC News World Edition (28th May, 2004)

Gender Pay Gap

The Observer, p.8, September 14, 2008, "In Tarzan v Jane, Tarzan gets the bigger bonus" by Simon Caulkin

Business Week, September 2008, Issue 22, "Merit Pay? Not Exactly" by Jena McGregor

HR Magazine, October 2008, “Male, Female Executives' Bonuses Uneven” by Rebecca R. Hastings

SHRM ONLINE (Society for Human Resource Management), Diversity section, September 2008 “Low Expectations Limit Women’s Results” By Rebecca R. Hastings, SPHR

Forbeslife Executive Woman, September 10, 2008, “The Highest-Paid Women In Corporate America” by Judith Dobrzynski

BBC4 Radio Woman’s Hour, Friday Panel, August 29, 2008, “A round up of lively comment on the week's events”

Financial Times (UK), p.2, August 26, 2008 “Women still behind in the boardroom” by John Willman (US), August 25, 2008 “Women still behind in the boardroom” by John Willman

TheGlobeandMail Canada’s National Newspaper, Careers section, August 15, 2008 “One more gap in pay between men and women” by Wallace Immen

Related media on gender and leadership in general:

Lib Dems offer cash for women MPs - (18th September, 2006)

Top women - well-paid and out of here - (7th September, 2006)

Top women cheated by pay gap - The Observer (4th June, 2006)

Pay Gap widens for women the higher they climb career ladder - Scotsman (28th May, 2006)

Dresdner sued for $1.4bn in sex discrimination case - The Guardian (10th January, 2006)