Clinical research group

Group members

Dr Thorsten BarnhoferAssociate Professor MDC
Dr Barney DunnAssociate Professor MDC
Prof. Linda Clare Professor of Clinical Psychology of Ageing and Dementia REACH
Dr Anke Karl Senior Lecturer, Strategic Group Lead for the Clinical Psychology Research Group MDC
Dr Natalia LawrenceSenior Lecturer in Translational Medicine MDC, CRITICAL, PARC
Dr Nick Moberly Senior Lecturer MDC
Prof. Celia MorganProfessor of Psychopharmacology PARC
Dr Heather O\'MahenSenior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology MDC
Dr Lamprini PsychogiouLecturer in Translational Medicine MDC
Prof. Ed WatkinsProfessor of Experimental and Applied Clinical Psychology MDC, SMART Lab
Dr Kim Wright Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology MDC, CRITICAL
Senior Research Fellows
Dr Sharon Nelis Senior Research Fellow REACH
Dr Catherine Quinn Senior Research Fellow REACH
Research Fellows
Jenny CadmanPsychological Wellbeing Practitioner MDC
Dr Mahmood Javaid Experimental Officer Wellcome Trust ISSF Biomedical Informatics Hub
Dr Narcie Kelly Research Fellow MDC
Dr Ola KudlickaResearch Fellow REACH
Dr Anthony MartyrResearch Fellow REACH
Dr Amy McAndrewResearch Fellow PARC
Mohammod MostazirResearch Fellow in Medical Statistics Wellcome Trust ISSF Biomedical Informatics Hub
Dr Alexandra Newbold Research Fellow for IMPROVE MDC, SMART Lab
Dr Michelle Tester-Jones Research Fellow for IMPROVE MDC, SMART Lab
Dr Matthew Owens-Solari Research Fellow for MooDFOOD MDC, SMART Lab
Dr Amy Romijn Research Fellow for MooDFOOD MDC, SMART Lab
Dr Tobias Stevens Research Fellow PARC
Dr Julia Teale Research Fellow REACH
Dr Yu-Tzu Wu Research Fellow REACH
Associate Research Fellows
Tess Bloomfield Associate Research Fellow/PWP SMART Lab, CEDAR
Marie Claire-RevilleAssociate Research Fellow MDC
Ashlea Jeffs Associate Research Fellow MDC
Loes Koorenhof Associate Research Fellow MDC
Ruth Lamont Associate Research Fellow REACH
Lorna O\'Connor Associate Research Fellow MDC
Emily Widnall Associate Research Fellow MDC
Research and Clinic Therapists
Jo Mackenzie Individual & Group CBT Therapist  
Peter Mason Research Therapist working in the AccEPT Clinic  
Carly Thornton Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner IMPROVE, SMART Lab
Owain Winfield Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner SMART Lab
Administration Team
Charlie Dibble Operational Manager MDC, CEDAR
Helen Davey PA to Prof Linda Clare and Project Administrator REACH
Matthew Lomas Project and Administrative assistants MDC, CEDAR
Rachael Milne Associate Research Fellow (AccEPT Clinic Coordinator) MDC
Kathleen Russell Project and Administrative assistants (AccEPT Clinic Coordinator) MDC, CEDAR
PhD students
Modi Alsubaie   MDC
Michael Begley  MDC
Natasha Bloodworth  MDC
Miriam Cohen   MDC
Lorna Cook  MDC, SMART Lab
Isobel Evans  MDC
Grace Fisher  MDC
Emily Hammond   MDC
Claire Harries   MDC
Sarah Harris  MDC
Jacqueline Hill  MDC
Hans Kirschner  MDC
Merve Yilmaz   MDC
Prof. Chris Dickens University of Exeter Medical School  
Prof. Tamsin FordUniversity of Exeter Medical School  
Prof. David RichardsUniversity of Exeter Medical School  
Prof. Adele HayesUniversity of Delaware, USA, Honorary Professor MDC