Cognition research group

Group members

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Academic staff Stephen Monsell, Professor of Cognitive Psychology
Janice Kay, Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychology
Aureliu Lavric, Senior Lecturer
Dr Anna Adlam, Senior Lecturer
Ian McLaren, Professor of Cognitive Psychology
Don Mitchell, Emeritus Professor of Experimental Psychology
Fraser Milton, Senior Lecturer
Frederick Verbruggen, Professor of Cognitive Psychology
Huw Williams, Associate Professor
Postdocs/Associate Research Fellows Rossy McLaren, Associate Research Fellow
Cai Longman, Postdoctoral research fellow
Honorary staff Ciro Civile, Honorary research fellow
Chris Code, Honorary research fellow
Charlotte Forrest, Honorary research fellow
Research students Maisy Best, Will Bowditch, Kathryn Carpenter, Lorna Hardy, Jonathan Jones,Lucy Porter