Professor Darren Croft
Professor of Animal Behaviour

External responsibilities


2014: Fisheries of the British Isles Research Medal: awarded to younger scientists in recognition of exceptional advances in the study of fish biology and/or fisheries.

Editorial responsibilities

Associate Editor, Behavioral Ecology & Sociobiology (2011-).

Ethics committee for Animal Behaviour (2012-). 

Invited lectures & workshops

I have given more than 40 invited presentations at conferences, workshops and academic institutions. Selected invitations are given below.

2016: Symposium Speaker: Comparative cetacean/primate behaviour. International Primate Society, Chicago, USA. 

2015: Keynote Speaker: Animal Social Networks, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

2014: Keynote Speaker NIMBioS Investigative Workshop, Animal Social Networks, Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA.

2012: Lecturer 7-day PhD course (fish behaviour), University of Lund, Sweden.

2010: Lecturer 7-day PhD course (fish behaviour), University of Gothenburg.

2009: Symposium Speaker Complex Networks across the Natural and Technological Sciences. University of Strathclyde UK.

2008: Lecturer 7-day PhD course at the University of Copenhagen (Commutation Networks in Animals).

2007: Symposium Speaker International Conference of Ethology, Halifax, Canada, 2007.

2006: Keynote Speaker Social Network Analysis in Animal Behaviour, University California Davis USA.

Media Coverage

Selected media coverage

2012: “Dead sons may explain killer whale menopause” New Scientist

2012: “Killer whales live on after menopause to protect sons” BBC News

2012: "Orca Mothers Coddle Adult Sons, Study Finds" New York Times

2011: “The amphibious fish that mates with itself” New Scientist.

2012: “'Cow facebook' will reveal how to milk social network” The Telegraph

2012: “Secrets of the herd mentality” The Times

2009: “Sexual harassment in fish breaks down social structure” Practical Fish Keeping.

2009: “Guppy females take risks to avoid harassment” NERC Planet Earth.

2008: “Female Guppies Risk Death to Avoid Males on the Make” The Discovery Channel.

2008: “Females risk death to avoid sexual harassment” The Independent.

2006: “Guppys prefer death to sex” The Metro.

2006: “Fish courting 'sex pest' dangers” BBC News.

2004: “Networking in the fish tank: the humble guppy always remembers his friends” The Independent.

Workshops/Conferences organised

2016: Member of the Organising Committee of ISBE 2016 (16th Biennial Congress of the International Society for Behavioral Ecology), Streatham Campus, University of Exeter.

2014: (2nd-5th Sept) Organiser of the 6th International Conference of Pociliid Biologists, University of Exeter.

2012 (1-3rd Aug) Co-organiser: Animal Social Networks: Perspectives and Challenges ZiF (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research), Bielefeld, Germany.

2010: Organiser of the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) Easter meeting at Exeter University. 3-day conference for 150 delegates. 

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