Jade Barrett
PhD student


Research projects

Project Title: Social Dynamics of Dairy Cattle and the Implications for Welfare and Productivity

Supervisors: Prof Darren Croft, Dr Joah Madden

Funding Body: BBSRC

Project Description:
My research will investigate how the social interactions between food production animals, specifically dairy cattle, impact on their welfare and productivity. Previous research in this area has focussed on group size, density and composition of the animals, and the role of social relationships has been largely ignored. Indeed, this gap in our knowledge is a major issue for the dairy industry, where social stress can have significant economic and welfare implications. My project will therefore provide evidence-based management strategies on how dairy production systems can be developed to maximise both welfare and productivity of the cattle.


Barrett, J., Rayner, A., Willings, T., Gill, R. and Bright, A (2014) Smothering in UK Free-Range Flocks Part 1: Incidence, Location, Timing and Management. Veterinary Record



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