Dr Andrew Livingstone
Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology


Research interests

My research interests centre on social identity, emotion, group processes and intergroup relations. Specific topics include:

  • Collective action and social change
  • The relationship between emotion and social identity
  • The strategic characterisation of �conflict� by group members
  • The role of social identity processes in alcohol consumption
  • Crowd psychology
  • The role of social identity content and norms in intergroup relations.

I am also involved in research on bullying as an intergroup behaviour, and gender bias in sports refereeing.


2014: £3,830 GW4 Initiator Fund Award: Emotion and non-verbal communication in social and economic interactions.
2012: £2,200 Carnegie Research Grant : A test of competing distinctiveness concerns among members of minority groups.
2011: £7,483 British Academy small grant on Implicit attitudes as barriers to registration as an organ donor (with Ronan O�Carroll, U. of Stirling).
2010: £3,500 International Collaboration Award, Cardiff University � to fund a visit to U. of Connecticut in June/July 2010.
2009: £11,013 from the British Academy in support of a medium-sized meeting on collective action and social change (with Nicole Tausch, Martijn van Zomeren, and Aarti Iyer).
2008: €6000 from EASP in support of a medium-sized meeting on collective action and social change (with Martijn van Zomeren, Nicole Tausch, and Aarti Iyer).
2007: £42,000 Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship, commenced in May 2008 for 24 months.

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