Dr Anna Rabinovich
Senior Lecturer


Research interests

My research interests are centred around group processes, attitude and behaviour change  (in particular in relation to sustainability), social influence, understanding and perception of science, time perspective, and communication.

My most recent research can be divided into three main areas of interest:

  1. How can behaviour change be encouraged through group processes, such as norms development and identity-building? For example, I am exploring how resilience to change and well-being within disadvantaged communities can be enhanced by strengthening collective identity, and how behaviour change can be facilitated in pastoralist communities in the developing world by re-framing norms and identities.
  2. What effects may communication of scientific ideas have beyond academic communities? I am interested in how exposure to scientific and philosophical ideas changes our everyday psychological functioning – e.g., willingness to cooperate, ability to cope with internal conflicts, or willingness to contribute to collective change.
  3. What role does temporal focus play in group processes, such as ability to envisage group-level change? In particular, I’m interested in explaining how temporal focus affects group functioning, including reconstructing the past, imagining the future, and the links that both these processes have to the group’s present.

In the past I have also explored how behaviour change can be encouraged through group-based feedback, and what affects responses to uncertainty in scientific messages among lay audiences.

Research grants

  • 2018 ESRC Impact Acceleration Award
    “SUSTAIN - testing an intervention to sustain achievements of urban regeneration projects”
  • 2018 JPICH, Horizon 2020
    Community Archaeology in Rural Environments - Meeting Societal Challenges
  • 2017 NERC
    Jali Ardhi [Care for the Land] project: Realising land management change in degraded Maasai grazing lands
  • 2017 The British Academy
    Averting a “tragedy of the commons” in Maasai land: Exploring predictors of communal land degradation and developing pathways to change in Northern Tanzania
  • 2016 GCRF, NERC
    Socio-ecological resilience to soil erosion driven by extreme events: past, present and future challenges in East Africa
  • 2013 Exeter University
    HASS strategy fund, "Geoengineering the earth's climate: globalism, social identities and geopolitics"
  • 2012 Exeter University
    University of Exeter Strategic Development Fund, "Sharing the future: Cooperation and temporal focus"
  • 2010 The British Academy
    BA small grant scheme "Communicating uncertainty in climate science: implicit beliefs and strategic motivations"
  • 2009 Economic and Social Research Council
    ESRC CASE studentship "Effective communication of climate science"
  • 2009 British Psychological Society
    Research seminar series "Psychology of Sustainability"
  • 2007 Great Western Research
    Promoting Sustainable Behaviour: Toward an Integrated Social Psychological Approach
  • 2007 Economic and Social Research Council
    ESRC Post-doctoral Fellowship "Implementation of saving plans - social and volitional aspects", foregone to take up the GWR Fellowship

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