Dr Barney Dunn

External responsibilities

Awards and distinctions

Beck Institute scholar in 2013, receiving CBT training and supervision at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

My 2012 article in Cognitive Affective and Behavioural Neuroscience was selected as article of the year in that journal for 2013 by Psychonomics Society ($1000 prize)

Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London (2005-2012)

Committee/panel activities

Current committee roles:

NIHR advocate for psychology 2016 onwards

Member of multi-agency integrated psychological therapies workstream, setting and implementing strategy for psychological therapy provision in Devon 2015 onwards

Member of Dean for UK National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) faculty trainees advisory panel 2015 onwards

Member of NIHR ICA pre doctoral fellowship panel 2018 onwards

Past committee roles:

External examiner for Royal Holloway Doctorate in Clinical Psychology 2010-2014.

Member of Research Committee for Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy 2005-2008

Society memberships

British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology

British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy

Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy

Diplomate member of Academy of Cognitive Therapy

Editorial responsibilities

Regular journal reviewer, including for Psychological Science, Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Emotion, and Behaviour Research and Therapy.

Regular grant reviewer for NIHR, ESRC and Wellcome Trust

Media Coverage

Dunn, B. D., Galton, H., Morgan, R., Evans, D., Oliver, C., Meyer, M., Cusack, R., Lawrence, A. D., Dalgleish, T. (2010). Listening to your heart: How interoception shapes emotion experience and intuitive decision-making. Psychological Science, 21, 1835-1844. Covered in: National Geographic, Daily Mail, Time, Business week, Metro, Oprah Magazine (also featured in article in New Scientist).

Indovina, I., Robbins, T. W., Nunez-Elizalde, A. O., Dunn, B. D., & Bishop, S. J. (2011). Fear conditioning mechanisms associated with trait vulnerability to anxiety in humans. Neuron, 69, 563-571. Covered in:  Fox News (Video Clip) Spiegel, ScienceDaily, Times of India

Dunn, B.D., Evans, D., Makarova, D., White, J., Clark, L. (2012). Gut feelings and the reaction to perceived inequity: the interplay between bodily responses, regulation, and perception shapes the rejection of unfair offers on the ultimatum game. Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral Neuroscience,12, 419-429. Covered in Reuters

Dalgleish, T., Navrady, L., Bird, L., Hill, E., Dunn, B.D., Golden, A.M. (2013). Method-of-Loci as a mnemonic device to facilitate access to self-affirming personal memories for individuals with depression. Clinical Psychological Science. Covered on Radio 4’s “All in the Mind



Organised Conference Symposia

BABCP 2017, Manchester. Positive emotion regulation in mood disorders. 

BABCP, 2014, Birmingham. Understanding and treating disturbances in positive mood in mood disorders: From basic science to clinical intervention

ABCT, 2013, Marrakech. Positive Clinical Psychology Approaches to Mood Disorders

BABCP, 2011, Guildford. Exploring emotion regulation process in health and psychopathology

BABCP, 2010, Manchester.  Understanding anhedonia and positive information processing in depression: From basic science to clinical intervention

BABCP 2007, Sussex: Role of the body in mood disorder and brain injury

Selected Conference Presentations

BABCP Annual conference, Glasgow, 2018. Should we be depressed about CBT outcomes for depression (panel debate)

International Conference on Mindfulness, Amsterdam, 2018. How Does Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Bolster Positive Affect and How is This Related To the Prevention of Depressive Relapse?

Key Note, BABCP Annual Conference, Manchester, 2017. Understanding and treating disturbances in positive mood in depression.

BABCP annual conference, Manchester, 2017. How well does Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy repair the residual symptoms of depression?

Universidad Complutense, Madrid, 2016. Improving capacity to treat anhedonia by identifying which mechanisms blunt pleasure experience in depression (keynote). 

Association of Depression and Anxiety annual conference, Philadelphia, US, 2016 Cognitive Therapy and SSRI pharmacotherapy do not normalize positive affect.

Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy at 30 conference, 2014. Challenges and opportunities for Cognitive Analytic Therapy at 30.

Exploring mindfulness, neuroscience and eating disorders conference, Clinical Neuropsychology Research Group, University of Exeter, 2013. The importance of bodily awareness in anorexia: An interactive cognitive subsystems account.

Society for Experimental Social Psychology Conference, 2011. Does interoceptive accuracy influence cognitive-affective processing?

BABCP Annual Conference, 2011, Guildford. The pain of being on the outside: Exploring how dysphoric participants respond to social rejection

International Society for Research on Emotions, 2009, Leuven, Belgium. Somatic regulation of cognitive-affective processes in depression

Applied Positive Psychology Conference, 2009, Warwick. Follow your heart? Experimental investigations of whether mindfulness in part works by changing the relationship to the body

BABCP, 2008, Edinburgh. Obstacles to effective emotion regulation: Implications for CBT

World Congress of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies, 2007, Barcelona. Does emotional suppression help regulate affect when processing traumatic material?

BABCP, 2006, Warwick. Is emotional suppression a helpful or unhelpful form of affect regulation when processing traumatic material?

BABCP, 2003, York. Processing of discrete basic emotions in dysphoria and depression

Selected Departmental Presentations

University of Reading, 2017. The AccEPT clinic: An example of embedding psychological therapies research into routine NHS care.

University of Pennsylvania, US, 2015. Learning how to feel good in depression: Understanding and repairing anhedonia in depression.

Royal Holloway University, London, 2015: Learning how to feel good in depression: Understanding and repairing anhedonia in depression.

University of Ghent, 2014. Learning how to feel good in depression: Understanding and repairing anhedonia in depression.

University of Exeter, clinic think tank, 2014: Learning how to feel good in depression: Development of a novel psychosocial therapy.

University of Pennsylvania, 2013: A reanalysis of the the DeRubeis & Holldon Depression RCT.

University of Exeter, SEORG group, 2013: Examining interpersonal regulation in depression: A search for tractable methods.

University of Exeter Medical School Mental Health Research Group Seminar, 2013. Learning how to feel good: Understanding and treating the anhedonic symptoms of depression.

University of Exeter Clinical Research Facility, 2013. Do disturbances in reward system function predict current and future mood disorder symptoms and unhealthy lifestyle behaviours in the Exeter 10000?

Institute of Philosophy Workshop, London, 2011. Listening to your heart: Does interoceptive accuracy influence cognitive and affective processing?

Department of Philosophy Workshop, Exeter, 2011. Listening to your heart: How bodily response, perception and regulation processes shape emotion in health and mental illness

University of Manchester, 2011: Understanding positive emotion regulation disturbances in depression

Cambridge Clinical Research Centre in Affective Disorders, Cambridge, 2011 Finding ways to feel good: Positive emotion regulation disturbances in depression

University of New South Wales, Australia, 2010. Understanding anhedonia in depression

University of Exeter, 2010. Exploring bodily feedback mechanisms in psychopathology

Cambridge Neuroeconomics Workshop, 2009. Heartfelt emotions: How interoception shapes intuition.

University of East Anglia, 2009. Follow your heart? Examining the influence of bodily feedback on decision making and emotional experience in non-clinical and clinical populations

BABCP Spring workshop, 2009: Using the body to regulate emotions in CBT

University of New South Wales, Australia, 2008. Follow your heart? Examining the influence of bodily feedback on cognitive-emotional processing in healthy and mood disordered individuals

University of Louvain, Belgium, 2007. Follow your heart: Extending the Somatic Marker Hypothesis.

Selected Clinical Workshops

BABCP pre conference workshop, one day workshop on Augmented Depression Therapy (ADepT), Glasgow, 2018.

MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, one day workshop on treating anhedonia in depression. Cambridge, 2017.

Charlie Waller Institute, one day workshop on treating anhedonia in depression, Reading, 2017

University of East Anglia Master class on treating anhedonia in depression, Norwich, 2015

BABCP pre-conference workshop on building positive mood in depression, Warwick, 2015

IAPT High Intensity Master class on personality disorder in IAPT, Exeter, 2015.

BABCP Annual Conference. How to build positivity in depressed clients, half day skills workshop (co-facilitated with Richard Moore), 2014

High Intensity IAPT training, 2014. Managing personality disorder in an IAPT setting, one day skills workshop, Exeter 2014.

Selected Communication of Science and Public Engagement Activities

Speaker at Devon Partnership Trust Research Day, 2017

Wrote blog on embedding research in NHS practice as part of NIHR 'I am research campaign', 2017

Featured as a video case study on how to build a clinical trials career by NIHR 

Co-organised with service users a public engagement day on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy on World Mental Health Day, 2015.



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