Professor Celia Morgan
Professor of Psychopharmacology


Research interests

My research concerns the causes and consequences of illicit drug use. I have a particular focus on drugs which mimic schizophrenia such as ketamine and cannabis. I use a range of techniques from experience sampling and qualitative interviews to cognitive testing and functional and structural neuroimaging (DTI and VBM).

Research projects

  • Cannabidiol for cannabis dependence
  • Hippocampal function following heavy ketamine use
  • Web-based interventions for novel psychoactive substance use
  • Neurogenesis and pattern completion in depression

Exeter Translational Addiction Partnership (ETAP)
Exeter Translational Addiction Partnership seeks to bridge between research on substance dependence at University of Exeter and the therapeutic services delivered by the charity EDP Drug & Alcohol Services to the community and prison population.

Research grants:

Morgan CJA, Curran HV and Lingford-Hughes, A (2014) Medical Research Council (£832 000) Reducing relapse using the NMDA-receptor antagonist, ketamine. (Prinicpal Investigator)

Curran HV & Morgan CJA (2012) Medical Research Council (£1.2 million) Cannabidiol as a treatment for cannabis dependence (Co-investigator)
Morgan, CJA  (2012) Medical Research Foundation (£28 000) Tackling the harms associated with the use of skunk cannabis (Principal Investigator)

Morgan CJA (2011) European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (€20 000) Endocannabinoid system and vulnerability to psychosis in cannabis users. (Principal Investigator)

Curran, H.V & Morgan C.J.A. (2008-2011) Medical Research Council: (£765 000): What determines and individual’s vulnerability to the harmful effects of cannabis? (Co-Investigator)

Kamboj, S. Morgan, C.J.A. Curran, H.V. (2009 -2011) Medical Research Council: (£258 000); Exploring the potential for D-Cycloserine and Cannabidiol to enhance exposure therapies for substance dependence (Co-Investigator)

Morgan, C.J.A. (2009) Beacon Bursary Fund for Public Engagement, UCL (£1500) : K-Day: A day of dialogue between ketamine users, addiction professionals and policy makers – Nominated for public engagement in science award (Principal Investigator)

Morgan C.J.A. & H.V. Curran (2008) Charitable donation from the Beckley Foundation (£10K) for developing an international survey of users’ views on the effects of psychoactive drugs (Co-investigator)

Curran, H.V. & Morgan, C.J.A. (2008-2009) Alcohol Education and Research Council Small Project Grant £4,790 The acute effects of alcohol on prospective memory and related executive functions. (Co-investigator)

Research grants

  • 2014 Medical Research Council
    Reducing Relapse with the NMDA-receptor antagonist ketamine


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