Denise Wilkins
Postdoctoral Research Associate


Research interests

  • Social identity
  • Collective action
  • Political rhetoric
  • Renewable energy
  • Digital technology

Research projects

My current research project is the EPSRC funded project HoSEM: Household Energy Supplier Market, which aims to explore the possibility of new forms of peer-to-peer renewable energy markets, underpinned by distributed ledger technology.

My PhD project broadly examined how the use of social media use for collective action shapes, and is shaped by, the social psychological concerns of social media users. Supervised by Professor Mark Levine and Dr. Andrew Livingstone, the projected tested whether and how individuals’ initial decisions to participate in collective action are influenced by the digital environment, and how participating in “online” collective action affects future engagement. I also explored how groups use social media to maintain control of contested social movements and advance disparate social change aims.

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