Dr Diana Onu
Lecturer in Business Psychology


Research interests

  • Economic behaviour, particularly in relation to tax compliance
  • Social norms and social influence in communication
  • Fairness and justice perceptions
  • Collective emotions

Diana’s current research focuses on understanding taxpayer behaviour. She is broadly interested in tax compliance as a reflection of individuals’ participation in the state.

In recent research projects, she employed discourse and thematic analysis of online discussions about tax among professionals in order to understand how people’s compliance attitudes are influenced by social norms, how they acquire tax knowledge, or how they relate to tax authorities. More recently, she worked on survey research exploring social norms and attitudes of tax compliance among UK small businesses.

A related research stream focuses on public discourses of tax system fairness and in particular corporate tax avoidance. Diana is currently involved in several research projects looking at public attitudes to tax avoidance, including analyses of public discussions on social networking sites and news media, survey research and behavioural experiments.

Diana has also worked on inter-group cooperation and conflict, and the strategies employed by members of social groups to achieve social change and improve the group’s performance. In the context of social change, Diana’s PhD research focused on the transfer of policy innovation across countries. She looked at the social factors that facilitate the emulation of policies and models ‘from abroad’ in a number of countries in Europe.

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