Dr Henrietta Roberts
DClin postgraduate research student


Research interests

  • The relationship between cognitive control processes, rumination, and depression
  • The role of goal processes in rumination and psychopathology
  • The mechanisms underpinning constructive versus unconstructive outcomes of ruminative self-focus
  • Executive control and cognitive inhibition

Research projects

Current projects:

An ISSF Wellcome Trust Seed Corn Fund has been awarded to Anna Adlam and Henrietta Roberts (2014-5) to investigate whether working memory training reduces repetitive negative thought in depression.

Henrietta is also working for Anna Adlam on an Action Medical Research funded RCT investigating the efficacy of computerised working memory training in children (aged 8-16 years) with an acquired brain injury (2012-2015).

Henrietta is additionally co-supervising an undergraduate project with Dr Nick Moberly examining the associations between goal motives, negative affect and specificity of goal-focused rumination.

Previous projects:

Henrietta previously worked for Dr Barney Dunn on an ISSF funded project examining the associations between reward system function and mood disorders in a large community cohort (the Exeter 10000).

Henrietta and Barney additionally co-supervised an undergraduate project examining the associations between goal-focused rumination and negative affect.

Henrietta completed her PhD under the supervision of Professor Ed Watkins and Professor Andy Wills examining the causal associations between state rumination and cognitive inhibition. Henrietta completed her MSc research under the supervision of Dr Heather O‘Mahen examining the role of sterotype threat in changes to cognitive functioning during pregnancy.


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