Professor Ian McLaren
Professor of Cognitive Psychology


Research interests

 Associative Learning

Perceptual Learning

Pavlovian Conditioning in Humans and Other Animals

Inhibition Training

Dual Process Theories of Learning and Cognition

Research projects

 Investigating dual process theories of learning using electrodermal conditioning in humans

Using mindfulness to extinguish conditioned fear

Application of tDCS to the control of perceptual learning and its relation to face recognition

Using tDCS in conjunction with inhibition training to address gambling and alcohol disorders

Computational modelling of the interaction between cognitive contyrol and associative learning

Research networks


Animal Behaviour

Centre for Research into Animal Behaviour (CRAB)

Centre for Cognitive Control and Associative Learning (CCAL)

Centre for Research into Inhibition Training, Impulse Control and Associative Learning (CRITICAL)

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