Dr Matt Richins
Postdoctoral Research Associate


Research interests

I am interested in the interpersonal and social processes through which people connect with one another—processes such as empathy and social identity. I also investigate factors that cause social cohesion to break down and their impact on individual health and wellbeing, for example, loneliness. 

Research projects

2017 Wellcome: Anatomy of Loneliness: BBC Radio 4 Survey on Loneliness with Professor Pamela QualterProfessor Manuela Barreto, Professor Christina Victor, Claudia Hammond, and Alice Eccles. January 2017 - September 2018. 

2013 DSTL: Understanding how social identities shape empathy and failures to empathise: A social neuroscience approach with Professor Manuela Barreto, Dr Anke Karl, and Dr Natalia Lawrence. Total: £140,855. October 2013 - September 2017.

Research networks


Professor Manuela Barreto, Social, Environmental, and Organizational Psychology

Dr. Anke Karl, Clinical Psychology

Dr. Natalia Lawrence, Clinical Psychology

External, academic:

Professor Pamela Qualter, The University of Manchester, UK

Professor Christina Victor, Brunel University, UK

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