Mohammod Mostazir
Research Fellow in Medical Statistics


Mostazir is a Research Fellow in Medical Statistics within the Biomedical Informatics Hub. Having a degree in Statistics (MSc, 2008-2009) from the City University, London, UK, he joined the University of Exeter in 2013. Before joining here, he worked as a Statistician in a 12-year longitudinal observational study (EarlyBird) at the University of Plymouth, UK. The study substantially contributed towards the global understanding of metabolic and endocrine mechanism of children in relation to the childhood diabetes/insulin resistance and obesity. His previous work at the City University contributed to the understanding of incidence of HIV/AIDS disease within the ethnic groups of Sub-Saharan African countries in relation to their varied sexual behaviour. He also has long experience of working in World Health Organisation (WHO) analysing large-scale data on adverse health outcomes related to vaccine preventable diseases. He authored and co-authored several publications that received international exposures in recognised media and presented evidence based scientific research findings at various international conferences of high standard. His current research interest relates to the examination of various statistical methods employed for analysing Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) data when compliance to the trials by the participants is sub-optimal and advocate the best statistical method that will possibly will capture the “true treatment effect” under sub-optimal compliance in RCTs.

At the University of Exeter, Mostazir provides statistical support across the university in different study settings i.e. Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) studies, Surveys, Case studies, longitudinal observational studies etc. He is involved with various studies helping with the design of the trial, sample size and power analysis required for grant applications/trials, advocating best analytical approach to estimate treatment effect and undertakes analysis of the data when data collection period comes to an end. He is well experienced handling various types of data distribution i.e. normal / binomial / count / poisson / polynomial / spline where data are structured at single or nested/hierarchical/Multi-levels. He is well conversant with the single/Multi-level statistical models i.e. Linear, Logistic, Poisson, Survival Analysis, Mediation analysis, Structural/Simultaneous Equation Models (SEMs), Latent Class Models (LCMs) etc. Stata is his preferred analytical software for analysing data but is also experienced in working with SPSS, R, ML-win and EPI -info.

To access his statistical support for your trial, grant applications please email to:

Contact details

Internal tel4629
Tel+44 (0) 1392 724629
AddressSir Henry Wellcome Building for Mood Disorders Research
University of Exeter
Queens Drive

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