Professor Natalie Hempel de Ibarra
Associate Professor of Neuroethology

External responsibilities

Media Coverage

Navigation and spatial learning:  CBC (Canada) Documentary by B. Mohun (2013) - Birds do it, bees do it and yes, we do it too


Pollen-rewarded learning in bees (2014)  (Nicholls & Hempel de Ibarra 2014 press release)

Telegraph, Western Morning News, University Herald, Sky News Australia


Learning flights in bumblebees (2014) (Riabinina, Hempel de Ibarra, Philippides, Collett 2014 press release) Video


Shiny object study in magpies (2015) (Shephard et al. 2014 press release)

BBC News, Guardian, Telegraph, Süddeutsche Zeitung, The Times, Audubon Magazin, Washington Post, Tagesspiegel, Bild der Wissenschaft, Stern


Assessment of pollen rewards by bees (2016) (Nicholls & Hempel de Ibarra 2016 press release)

New York Times, Science Daily, Phys.Org, The Sun, Sciences et Avenir,


Learning flights in male bumblebees (2017) (Robert et al. 2016 press release)                     

ITV, Science Daily, Phys Org, Express


Temperature patterns in flowers (2018) (Harrap et al. 2017 press release)

Science Daily, Daily Mail

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