Dr Natalie Hempel de Ibarra
Senior Lecturer in Neuroethology

External responsibilities

Committee/panel activities

Committees: International Society for Neuroethology (www.neuroethology.org)

Editorial responsibilities

 Editorial board membership:  Zoology, Frontiers in Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology

Media Coverage


Outreach: Presenting our BBSRC-funded research at the South West Big Bang Science Fair (2012, 2013, 2014)

Workshops organised

 Symposium organiser/co-organiser:

- Flexibility and learning in insect behaviour, International Ethological Conference / ASAB 2017 (Estoril, Portugal)

- Sensation, communication and foraging in bees, International Ethological Conference / ASAB 2013 (Newcastle, UK)

- Trichromacy and beyond, 9th International Congress of Neuroethology 2010 (Salamanca, Spain)

- Evolution of Vision, 29th European Conference of Visual Perception 2006 (St Petersburg, Russia)

- Visually-guided behaviour in social insects, III European Congress of Social Insects 2005 (St Petersburg, Russia)

Meeting organiser/co-organiser:

- 30th International Congress of Behavioural Ecology (ISBE) 2016 (Exeter, UK)

- Biology of tropical pollination, India-UK symposium 2013 (Kerala, India)

- Sensory aspects of pollination, Rank Prize Fund 2010 (Grasmere, UK)

- 1st AVA Animal Vision Meeting 2005 (University or Sussex, UK)

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