Dr Nicolas Dumay
Senior Lecturer in Psychological Science


I am an experimental psychologist working at the boundary between memory and language. My research initially focused on spoken word access processes in speech perception, with a doctoral work looking at the nature of acoustical markers of word boundaries and how these modulate the access to word memories. My research interests, however, have progressively moved towards language and memory consolidation. My research effort focuses on the dynamic changes that occur in memory and how these affect how we acquire, perceive, produce or forget linguistic information. I seem to have made an influential contribution through my collaboration with Gareth Gaskell (University of York). We showed that  memory consolidation, especially during sleep, plays a major role in word acquisition. Our findings have opened up a new line of investigation, and, as a result, I find myself at a very exciting location on the research map, at a crosstalk between language and memory, sleep research and the neurobiology of learning.

I welcome student applications to work with me on these issues, at any level of the cursus, from second-year internship to PhD.

Area of expertise:

  • Memory consolidation
  • Language plasticity
  • Spoken word access and segmentation processes
  • Language production


Postgraduate Certificate for Higher Education (University of Kent, 2010)

Doctorate in Psychological and Educational Sciences (Universite libre de Bruxelles, 2006)


I am honorary Staff Scientist at the Basque Center for Cognition, Brain and Language, Spain.

I am also Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy and Fellow of the Psychonomic Society.



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Contact details

Internal tel4666
Tel+44 (0) 1392 724666
AddressWashington Singer Laboratories
University of Exeter
Perry Road
Prince of Wales Road
Office hours

Term 1:

Thursdays 13:00-14:30

Term 2:

Wednesdays 13.00-15.00

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