Dr Nicolas Dumay
Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology


Research interests

My research effort focuses on the offline changes that occur in memory and how these affect how we acquire, perceive, produce or forget linguistic (but also other types of) information. This means that I study memory consolidation as an object of investigation, but also use it to achieve unmatched conditions in order to test psycholinguistic hypotheses.

Research networks


Markus Damian, University of Bristol

Colin Davis, University of Bristol

Celia Morgan, University of Exeter

Sabrina Aristei, Berlin Humboldt University
Blair Armstrong, Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language
Wouter De Baene, University of Ghent
Stephanie Massol, Universite de Lyon
Mark Pitt, Ohio State
Arty Samuel, NY Stony Brook

Research grants

  • 2016 Experimental Psychology Society
    Small Research Grant £2,500
  • 2012 Ministry of Education and Science (Spain)
    Grant from the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain titled "The impact of reconsolidation on vocabulary acquisition: a neural and behavioural investigation." 88,330 €
  • 2009 British Academy Small Grants
    Research Grant titled "Are lexical representations abstract or episodic?" £7,478
  • 2009 University of Kent
    Small Grant from the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Kent, titled "The impact of repeated letters on visual word recognition." £1,000
  • 2008 Experimental Psychology Society
    EPS Small Research Grant £2,500

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