Dr Thekla Morgenroth
Research Fellow


Research interests

Thekla interested in gender stereotypes and how they affect gender equality both in and outside of the workplace as well as reactions to disruptions of the gender binary.


Research projects

Thekla is currently involved in a range of projects including research on the psychological processes underlying the binary and essential perception of gender (with Michelle Ryan), reactions to disruptions to the gender binary (with Michelle Ryan, Thomas Morton, Emma Bäck, Marie Gustafsson-Sendén, and Anna Lindqvist), identity compatibility and work-life balance (with Michelle Ryan), the effect of family-friendly policies on the evaluations of working parents (with Madeline Heilman), gender and risk-taking (with Cordelia Fine and Michelle Ryan), the glass cliff (with Michelle Ryan, Teri Kirby, and Antonia Sudkaemper), norms around the explicit discussion of sexual consent (with Emily Harris and Lena Morgenroth), gaming and gender (with Benjamin Paassen and Michelle Stratemeyer), stigma and sexual orientation (with Crystal Hoyt and Jennifer Burnette), messages around the origins of sexual orientation and feelings of belonging in the LGBTQ+ community (with Teri Kirby), and the phenomenon of "mansplaining" (with Francesca Manzi, Michelle Ryan, and Chris Begeny).

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