Dr Tim Fawcett
Senior Lecturer


Research interests

I study social adaptation—the evolutionary and developmental processes that shape social interactions between animals. Most of my work focuses on the contexts of aggression and mate choice. At the moment I’m particularly interested in how past experiences affect social behaviour, via evolved psychological mechanisms. My research combines mathematical and computational modelling, behavioural experiments (on humans and other animals) and analysis of large datasets. For more information see my personal website,



Research projects

  • The evolution of behavioural development in social animals
  • Adaptive decision-making under uncertainty
  • The evolution of psychological states
  • Strategies for effective communication of theory in the life sciences


2010 European Commission
Adaptive Strategies for Mate Choice and Aggression in the Face of Uncertainty
(Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship)

2006 Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)
The Evolution of Flexible Mating Strategies (Research Grant)

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