Dr Louise Pendry
Senior Lecturer


Research interests

  • Gendered ageism, stereotyping/prejudice reduction and its applications (e.g., designing and evaluating diversity training initiatives in organizations), impression formation and self-presentational processes (including in online settings such as social networking/dating sites)
  • Using online discussion forums/social networking sites: a variety of research questions, such as why do people use them, what do they get out of them, how does forum use impact on satisfaction with life, self-esteem, self efficacy, and to what extent does online forum engagement with a particular interest/cause affect offline civic engagement in related activities or offline behaviour more generally?

Research grants

  • 2009 Economic and Social Research Council
    ESRC Grant: �The unanticipated transformative potential of online forums: Implications for well-being and offline social impact� RES-000-22-3800 I was Principle Investigator on this award
  • 2003 Economic and Social Research Council
    Diversity research and training: Putting theory into practice (RES-000-22-0376) I was Principal Investigator on this award (October 2003-October 2005).

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