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 Chloe Shuai

Chloe Shuai

Postgraduate Research Student

 Washington Singer 230


Washington Singer Laboratories, University of Exeter, Perry Road, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4QG, UK


I completed my undergraduate degree in the University of Exeter in 2018. In my final year project, I investigated the effect of breath counting technique on resillience to noise stress induced alcohol-seeking in student drinkers, under the supervision of Dr Lee Hogarth. It is when I became interested in prevention for alcohol dependence.

I am currently a PhD student in the cognition group at Exeter, under the supervision of Dr Lee Hogarth and Professor Celia Morgan. My research focuses on developing evidence-based brief interventions for preventing trajectories of alcohol/substance dependence from adolescence to emerging adulthood.

Broad research specialism: alcohol dependence, prevention, intervention, adolescents, young adults.


BSc Psychology (Hons), 2015-2018



Supervision / Group

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