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 Hans Kirschner

Hans Kirschner

PhD student


 01392 725901

 Washington Singer 144


Washington Singer Laboratories, University of Exeter, Perry Road, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4QG, UK


Exeter Graduate Fellow and MPhil/PhD student in the Mood Disorders Centre at School of Psychology under the supervision of Dr. Anke Karl (University of Exeter) and Professor Willem Kuyken (University of Exeter).

The aim of my PhD is to study the association between self-compassion, resilience and wellbeing. Based on research showing that compassion for the self can be cultivated using meditation techniques, we plan to investigate how these interventions can build up an individual’s resilience to negative events and increase wellbeing and mental health. The PhD employs experimental and psychophysiological methods (e.g. EEG; fMRI) to study short-term changes induced by different techniques that have been previously used to induce compassion to learn more about the mechanisms whereby resilience can be built up.

In addition I am interested in positivity effects in healthy aging and information processing biases in anxiety disorders.


PhD Psychology (2011-present; University of Exeter, UK)
Dipl.-Psych. (2011; University of Technology Dresden, Germany)



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