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 Stacey Heath

Stacey Heath

PhD student; Post-doctoral research associate; associate lecturer


 01392 724626

 Washington Singer 124a


Washington Singer Laboratories, University of Exeter, Perry Road, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4QG, UK


Having worked for local government and council across the UK for many years, working as long term unemployment officer, Opening JET (jobs enterprise and training) centers, Housing solutions officer and sheltered housing manager, I have always had an avid interest in understanding the difficulties and challenges imposed by socio-economic status.  Given this, I decided to pursue a more academic career.   In 2014 I graduated from Staffordshire University with an honors degree in psychology.  During my time at Staffordshire I also represented the university as school advocate was voted NUS delegate 2013 and completed a SAP (student, academic project) in the area of community engagement.

During my final year, I was awarded an ESRC 1+3 studentship at the University of Exeter, with my MSc being completed in Social and Organisational psychology here at Exeter as the first year of my studentship.

Broad research specialisms:

My main research interests broadly lie in the field of community change and social identity, incorporating social cure.  I am also interested in areas of intergroup contact, gender, and feminism.


BSc (Hons) Psychology, Staffordshire University (2014)
MSc Social and Organisational Psychology, University of Exeter (2015)

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Research interests

I am a part-time PhD student, part-time post-doctoral research associate and part-time associate lecturer at the University of Exeter. My research interests are centred on group processes, attitude and behaviour change (in particular relation to community change and sustainability), social influence, loneliness, and communication. More specifically, I look at the impact of social identification on behaviour change in communities, the role of identity in empowering communities to take ownership over change, and the socio-psychological factors involved in facilitating this change to help create sustainable communities. I adopt a social identity approach as my theoretical framework and a specific social cure stance to my research. 

To progress this line of research, I am keen to develop this understanding of change in terms of identity loss, and the impacts this has on loneliness. That is, understanding the effects of ‘losing’ group-based identities and the potential impact on loneliness following displacement (at this stage I use ‘displacement’ in its broadest term, this could be in terms of urban regeneration, or immigration, migrant camps, forces leavers, retirement, etc.,).  

Additionally, I take a flexible mixed methods approach to my research adopting both qualitative and quantitative methods as well as completing participatory action research directly with community members.


Research projects

Project Title: Exploring the impact of urban regeneration schemes on communities: An analysis of the proposed psychological processes involved in successful and sustainable communities.

Supervisors: Dr Anna Rabinovich, Professor Manuela Barreto

Funding Body: ESRC

Project Description:
My ESRC funded PhD research project, under the supervision of Doctor Anna Rabinovich and Professor Manuela Barreto, focusses on exploring the impact that urban regeneration schemes have on communities. More specifically, understanding the psychological processes involved in creating successful and sustainable communities, understanding the experiences of community members and how regeneration strategies affect the communities long term.


Heath S, Rabinovich A, Barreto M (In Press). Putting Identity into the Community: Exploring the Social Dynamics of Urban Regeneration. European Journal of Social Psychology

Research networks

Exeter Loneliness Network


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Journal articles

Heath S, Rabinovich A, Barreto M (2017). Putting Identity into the Community: Exploring the Social Dynamics of Urban Regeneration. European Journal of Social Psychology, 47, 855-866. Full text.

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Heath S, Rabinovich A, Barreto M (2017). Putting Identity into the Community: Exploring the Social Dynamics of Urban Regeneration. European Journal of Social Psychology, 47, 855-866. Full text.

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Member of the Athena Swan working committee

Chair of the SWDTC conference committee 2016

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Editor and coordinator of the TOR journal

ISPP ECC Newsletter Editor

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SUSTAIN project external consultation - in collaboration with Positive People and NSPCC.

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BPS social section conference 2019 - making social psychology social world cafe workshop 


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