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EDI team members

EDI committee

EDI committee

EDI committee

Co-Leads of EDI in Psychology

Dr Ioanna Kapantai - Lecturer in Psychology

As a member of the Executive Team for the Department's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team, I lead on several initiatives including the Academic Peer Mentorship Scheme, the Autism Acceptance Week Event, the Decolonize Psychology bookclub and others.

Dr Joseph Sweetman - Senior Lecturer in Psychology

As well as Co-Lead of EDI in Psychology I am a steering group member of the BME staff, students and allies network. I’ve been involved in social, global, and environmental justice and union activism. It is my intent that students and staff from all diverse backgrounds and perspectives be well served by the university.

From my own perspective, science is a critical, collaborative enterprise that is ultimately driven forward by minority thinking. I’m motivated to make this college, and university, a more civilised place where the science, and society in general, can benefit.

Please reach out: Your suggestions are encouraged and appreciated, who knows we might help make some progress together!

Executive team members

Dr Safi Darden - Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Widening participation

Dr Lisa Leaver, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Chengethai Charidza, Associate Lecturer in Psychology

Wellbeing project

Dr Katherine Ashbullby, Lecturer in Psychology