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News and Events

We have been very busy during the first 18 months of the project!


So far we have conducted 28 studies focusing on the following areas:

• How risk-taking is gendered and context-dependent
• The role of distinctive treatment in career choices
• The impact of role models on career decisions and social change
• The impact of workplace quotas
• Career choices and discrimination in the veterinary profession
• How race and gender intersect in the workplace
• The changing nature of gender stereotypes
• How fit affects perceptions of work-life compatibility
• How fit affects willingness to sacrifice
• How diversity initiative impact on career choices

We have also published 6 articles from our work.

In addition to this we have given 32 talks both nationally and internationally, successfully hosted visits from 16 international collaborators and collaborated with colleagues from across the globe, including from The Netherlands, the US, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Australia.

We recently submitted our first report to our funders, the European Research Council.


What next?

We will also be presenting the work at a number of conferences this coming year including the European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology and the Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Leadership Symposium.

Be sure to check this page and our media page for further updates on the project activity, or, if you are interested in discussing the project, please get in touch.


Previous events:

The Context, Identity, Choice conference, 30th and 31st May 2018, University Women’s Club, London

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