Welcome to IPSIS

IPSIS is home for research and training in the study of self and identity and is a world-leading centre that currently includes over a dozen staff from Psychology and other areas.

The core aim of the research is to develop understanding of social identity and personal identity through the study of intragroup processes relating to the dynamics of change.

The research is divided into 3 streams:

In all three streams of the grant, we have engaged closely with end-users in the process of both conducting research and feeding back findings to relevant groups (e.g., the Royal Marines, Associations of Senior Policewomen and Female Surgeons, Rehabilitation and Care Sector organizations).

The work has been also been the focus of conference presentations to relevant professional bodies and seminars and papers that have been given and will be given at domestic and international academic conferences.

We are currently in the process of writing up a number of the research findings, while continuing to drive forward in all three streams and to communicate our research findings to a range of relevant audiences.


Psychology of Organisations short course success

This course discussed how a focus on the psychology of groups can play a key role in promoting organisational success. More