About us

IPSIS is home for research and training in the study of self and identity and is a world-leading centre that currently includes over a dozen staff from the School of Psychology and other areas.

The centre has a high profile inside and outside the School and is a focal point for theoretical innovation and novel applications in the study of social, organizational and clinical issues.

IPSIS research focuses on the role of group membership and social identity in structuring people’s sense of self and on the implications of this for social, cognitive and clinical functioning.   

A dual strength of IPSIS is (a) the sharp focus of its work, coupled with (b) the breadth of application of its research and ideas. This is reflected in an array of productive collaborations with other organizations and agencies. 

Within the University of Exeter, this includes active collaborations with the Centre for Leadership Studies, the Peninsula Medical School, and EGENIS. 

External collaborators include IBM, Microsoft, Somerset Care, Brittania Royal Naval College, the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development, and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research.

The IPSIS group

  • conducts ground-breaking work in the study of self and social identity
  • promotes and integrates research efforts, that promote collaboration and application
  • fosters expertise and disseminates ideas both within the centre and across research groups worldwide
  • nurtures junior talent and promotes the careers of up-and-coming researchers

For more details please contact Alex Haslam.