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Dr. Avril Mewse

Dr. Avril Mewse

Senior Lecturer

 Washington Singer 


Washington Singer Laboratories, University of Exeter, Perry Road, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4QG, UK


Avril Mewse is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology


BA (Exon)

PhD (Exon)




Exeter University as a mature UG and PG student 1992- 1998

Lecturer and Senior Lecturer, Exeter University.  1998 - current

I have previously served two terms on Senate 2010 - 2014

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Research interests

My research interests span qualitative and quantitative approaches and include:

The social context of health/risk-taking behaviours including:

Smoking, family processes and peer groups.

E-cigarettes/vaping, identity, addiction and well-being.

Debtor attitudes, behaviours and experiential accounts of poverty.

Traumatic brain injury and young offenders/adult offenders.

Recidivist offending and the role of identity processes, drug use, PTSD in the rehabilitation of recidivist offenders

Perceptions of justice

Adoption - adopters and adoptees experiential accounts

Sex Trafficking - the Lived Experience of Women Trafficked from Nigeria to Spain

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Journal articles

Mewse AJ, Wrapson W, Lea SEG (In Press). Binning, burning or burying: Strategies debtors use to cope with creditor communications. Journal of Economic Psychology Abstract.
Williams WH, Cordan G, Mewse AJ, Tonks J, CNW B (In Press). Self-Reported Traumatic Brain Injury in Male Young Offenders:. A risk factor for re-offending, poor mental health and violence?. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Abstract.
Hardy R, Mewse, A.J. (In Press). Survivors' Experiences of Domestic Violence: Overcoming the Challenges of Leaving a Violent Relationship and Maintaining the Change. Violence against Women
Bjerregaard K, Haslam SA, Morton TA, Mewse A (In Press). The Shared Experience of Caring: a Study of Care-workers’ Motivations and Identifications at Work. Ageing and Society
Davey AF, Coombes J, Porter I, Green C, Mewse AJ, Valderas JM (2021). Development of a conceptual model for research on cyclical variation of patient reported outcome measurements (PROMs) in patients with chronic conditions: a scoping review. J Patient Rep Outcomes, 5(1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Kent H, Williams WH, Hogarth L, Mewse A, Kent H (2021). Poor Parental Supervision is Associated with Traumatic Brain Injury and Reactive Aggression in Young Offenders. Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation Abstract.
Clasby B, Bennett M, Hughes N, Hodges E, Meadham H, Hinder D, Williams H, Mewse A (2020). The consequences of traumatic brain injury from the classroom to the courtroom: understanding pathways through structural equation modelling. Disabil Rehabil, 42(17), 2412-2421. Abstract.  Author URL.
van Beurden SB, Simmons SI, Tang JCH, Mewse AJ, Abraham C, Greaves CJ (2018). Informing the development of online weight management interventions: a qualitative investigation of primary care patient perceptions. BMC Obes, 5 Abstract.  Author URL.
Tabuteau-Harrison SL, Haslam C, Mewse AJ (2016). Adjusting to living with multiple sclerosis: the role of social groups. Neuropsychol Rehabil, 26(1), 36-59. Abstract.  Author URL.
Needham M, Gummerum M, Mandeville-Norden R, Rakestrow-Dickens J, Mewse A, Barnes A, Hanoch Y (2015). Association between three different cognitive behavioral alcohol treatment programs and recidivism rates among male offenders: findings from the United Kingdom. Alcohol Clin Exp Res, 39(6), 1100-1107. Abstract.  Author URL.
Meadham H, Mewse A, Williams H, Burgess C (2014). Post-concussion symptoms after traumatic brain injury associated with reactive aggression in encarcerated youth who offend. BRAIN INJURY, 28(5-6), 686-686.  Author URL.
Pendry LF, Mewse AJ, Burgoyne CB (2012). Environmentally friendly parenting: Are cloth nappies a step too far?. Young Consumers, 13(1). Abstract.
Pendry LF, Mewse AJ, Burgoyne CB (2012). Environmentally friendly parenting: Are cloth nappies a step too far?. Young Consumer, 13(1), 5-19. Abstract.
Williams H, Hinder D, Meadham H, Hodges E, Mewse A, Davies R, Burgess C (2012). Neuropsychological profiles of young offenders with and without brain injury. BRAIN INJURY, 26(4-5), 490-491.  Author URL.
Mewse AJ, Lea SEG, Eiser JR, Ntala E (2011). Associations between authoritative parenting and the sun exposure and sun protective behaviours of adolescents and their friends. Psychology and Health, 26(5), 549-565. Abstract.
Wrapson W, Mewse AJ (2011). Does the doctor or the patient control sick leave certification?: qualitative study interpreting patients' interview dialogue. Family Practice, 28(2), 202-209. Abstract.
Ayling R, Mewse AJ (2011). “It kills me to be too safe”: Gay men's experience of internet sex-seeking and barebacking. Gay & Lesbian Issues in Psychology Review, 7(2). Abstract.
Mewse AJ, Lea SEG, Wrapson W (2010). First steps out of debt: Attitudes and social identity as predictors of contact by debtors with creditors. Journal of Economic Psychology, 31(6), 1021-1034. Abstract.
Jetten J, Schmitt M, Branscombe NR, Garza AA, Mewse AJ (2010). Group Commitment in the Face of Pervasive Discrimination: the Role of Legitimacy Appraisals. European Journal of Social Psychology Abstract.
Wrapson W, Mewse AJ (2010). Supervisors' responses to sickness certification for an episode of low back pain: employees' personal experiences. Disabil Rehabil Abstract.
Williams WH, Giray G, Mewse AJ, Tonks J, Burgess CNW (2010). Traumatic Brain Injury in Young Offenders: a modifiable risk factor for re-offending, poor mental health and violence. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation an International Journal, 20(6), 801-812. Abstract.
Williams WH, Mewse AJ, Tonks J, Mills S, Burgess CNW, Cordan G (2010). Traumatic Brain injury in a Prison Population: Prevalence, and Risk for Re- Offending. Brain Injury, 24(10), 1184-1188. Abstract.
Ayling R, Mewse AJ (2009). Evaluating internet interviews with gay men. Qual Health Res, 19(4), 566-576. Abstract.  Author URL.
Corcorran J, Mewse AJ, Babiker G (2006). The role of women's self-injury support groups: a grounded theory. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 16(7), 35-52.
Summerville N, Jetten J, Hornsey MJ, Mewse AJ (2005). When Differences Matter: Intergroup Distinctiveness and the Evaluation of Impostors. European Journal of Social Psychology, 35(5), 609-620.
Mewse AJ, Mills S, Williams H (2004). Head Injury Rates in a UK prison Population: a cause for concern. Brain Impairment, 6(2).
Mewse AJ, Eiser JR, Lea SEG, Slater AM (2004). The smoking behaviours of adolescents and their friends: Do parents matter?. Parenting, 4(1), 51-72.
Banfield JF, Pendry LF, Mewse AJ, Edwards MG (2003). The effects of an elderly stereotype prime on reaching and grasping actions. Social Cognition, 21(4), 299-319. Abstract.
Mewse, A.J. (2002). Why victims of domestic violence withdraw charges made against the perpetrator. Exeter: Devon Domestic Violence Partnership
Burgoyne CB, Jones SM, Beer AJ (1997). An interview study of the psychology of poverty. The International Colloquium of Economic Psychology, 2, 955-967.


Lea SEG, Mewse AJ, Wrapson W (In Press). The psychology of debt in poor households in Britain. In Brubaker R, Lawless RM (Eds.) A Debtor World: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on an Indebted Global Society, Oxford University Press.
Lea SEG, Mewse AJ, Wrapson W (2008). The psychology of poverty. In Strelitz J, Lister R (Eds.) Why money matters, London: Save the Children, 80-88.
Wrapson W, Mewse AJ, Lea SEG (2007). The Psychology of Poverty. In Jason Strelitz and Ruch Lister (Eds), Why Money Matters. Family income, poverty and children?s lives. In  (Ed) , London:.
Mewse AJ, Eiser JR (2000). Adolescent Smoking: Interaction between parental and peer group influence. In Fabrizio Butera and Gabriel Mugny (Eds). Social Influence in Social Reality. In  (Ed) , Goettingen: , 267-276.


Davey A, Mewse A, Green C, Valderas J (2019). Time dependent variation of patient reported outcomes: a conceptual model.  Author URL.

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External Engagement and Impact

Administrative responsibilities

Committee/panel activities

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2007

Vice-Chair and Member of Adopt South West Adoption Panels

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PSY3411 Psychology and Law Final Year Seminar

PSY2205 Personality and Individual Differences Lecture Course (2nd year Undergraduate).

PSy2216 Qualitative Research Methods and Interview Skills (Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses)

Personal tutor to final year students

PSY3401 Final year research project supervision.

Research supervisor of PhD, DClin and Masters students.

Examiner of MPhil and PhD students



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Supervision / Group

Postgraduate researchers

  • Gina Collins ESRC SWDTP studentship commencing Sept 2018
  • Sophie Tabuteau-Harrison PhD completed Dec 2023

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Office Hours:

Office hours for Term 2 2023-2024

Tuesday 13.30-14.30am

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