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Dr Gavin Price

Dr Gavin Price

Associate Professor


 Washington Singer Room 121A


Washington Singer Laboratories, University of Exeter, Perry Road, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4QG, UK


I study the neural bases of numerical cognition, investigating questions such as how does the brain understand a number is a number, how does the brain connect number symbols and their meanings, and how do differences in brain structure and function help us to understand maths learning difficulties.


2004-2008     Ph.D. Psychology, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

2003-2004     M.Sc. Cognitive Neuropsychology, University College London, U.K.

2000-2003     B.Sc. Psychology (Hons), University of York, U.K.



Associate Professor, Department of Psychology Faculty of Life and Health Sciences, University of Exeter, UK.


Associate Professor with Tenure, Department of Psychology & Human Development, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN, USA.


Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology & Human Development, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN, USA.


Investigator, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Education and Human Development, Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN, USA.


Tier 1 Training Faculty, Vanderbilt Brain Institute, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville TN, USA.


Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Western Ontario, Department of Psychology, Canada

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Journal articles

Yeo DJ, Pollack C, Conrad BN, Price GR (2024). Functional and representational differences between bilateral inferior temporal numeral areas. Cortex, 171, 113-135.
Martinez-Lincoln A, Fotidzis TS, Cutting LE, Price GR, Barquero LA (2023). Examination of common and unique brain regions for atypical reading and math: a meta-analysis. Cereb Cortex, 33(11), 6959-6989. Abstract.  Author URL.
Aboud KS, Nguyen TQ, Del Tufo SN, Chang C, Zald DH, Key AP, Price GR, Landman BA, Cutting LE (2023). Rapid Interactions of Widespread Brain Networks Characterize Semantic Cognition. J Neurosci, 43(1), 142-154. Abstract.  Author URL.
Conrad BN, Pollack C, Yeo DJ, Price GR (2023). Structural and functional connectivity of the inferior temporal numeral area. Cereb Cortex, 33(10), 6152-6170. Abstract.  Author URL.
Lynn A, Humphreys KL, Price GR (2023). The long arm of adversity: Children's kindergarten math skills are associated with maternal childhood adversity. Child Abuse Negl, 142(Pt 1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Lynn A, Wilkey ED, Price GR (2022). Predicting children's math skills from task-based and resting-state functional brain connectivity. Cereb Cortex, 32(19), 4204-4214. Abstract.  Author URL.
Pollack C, Wilkey ED, Price GR (2022). Predictors of Middle School Students’ Growth in Symbolic Number Comparison Performance. Journal of Numerical Cognition, 8(1), 53-72. Abstract.
Cai LY, Yang Q, Kanakaraj P, Nath V, Newton AT, Edmonson HA, Luci J, Conrad BN, Price GR, Hansen CB, et al (2021). MASiVar: Multisite, multiscanner, and multisubject acquisitions for studying variability in diffusion weighted MRI. Magn Reson Med, 86(6), 3304-3320. Abstract.  Author URL.
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Pollack C, Price GR (2020). Mapping letters to numbers: Potential mechanisms of literal symbol processing. LEARNING AND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES, 77  Author URL.
Yeo DJ, Pollack C, Merkley R, Ansari D, Price GR (2020). The "Inferior Temporal Numeral Area" distinguishes numerals from other character categories during passive viewing: a representational similarity analysis. Neuroimage, 214 Abstract.  Author URL.
Wilkey ED, Price GR (2019). Attention to number: the convergence of numerical magnitude processing, attention, and mathematics in the inferior frontal gyrus. Hum Brain Mapp, 40(3), 928-943. Abstract.  Author URL.
Merkley R, Conrad B, Price G, Ansari D (2019). Investigating the visual number form area: a replication study. R Soc Open Sci, 6(10). Abstract.  Author URL.
Yeo DJ, Wilkey ED, Price GR (2019). Malleability of mappings between Arabic numerals and approximate quantities: Factors underlying individual differences and the relation to math. Acta Psychol (Amst), 198 Abstract.  Author URL.
Pollack C, Price GR (2019). Neurocognitive mechanisms of digit processing and their relationship with mathematics competence. Neuroimage, 185, 245-254. Abstract.  Author URL.
Wilkey ED, Cutting LE, Price GR (2018). Neuroanatomical correlates of performance in a state-wide test of math achievement. Dev Sci, 21(2). Abstract.  Author URL.
Price GR, Yeo DJ, Wilkey ED, Cutting LE (2018). Prospective relations between resting-state connectivity of parietal subdivisions and arithmetic competence. Dev Cogn Neurosci, 30, 280-290. Abstract.  Author URL.
Price GR, Wilkey ED (2017). Cognitive mechanisms underlying the relation between nonsymbolic and symbolic magnitude processing and their relation to math. COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT, 44, 139-149.  Author URL.
Price GR, Wilkey ED, Yeo DJ (2017). Eye-movement patterns during nonsymbolic and symbolic numerical magnitude comparison and their relation to math calculation skills. Acta Psychol (Amst), 176, 47-57. Abstract.  Author URL.
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Yeo DJ, Wilkey ED, Price GR (2017). The search for the number form area: a functional neuroimaging meta-analysis. Neurosci Biobehav Rev, 78, 145-160. Abstract.  Author URL.
Price GR, Fuchs LS (2016). The Mediating Relation between Symbolic and Nonsymbolic Foundations of Math Competence. PLoS One, 11(2). Abstract.  Author URL.
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Price GR, Holloway I, Räsänen P, Vesterinen M, Ansari D (2007). Impaired parietal magnitude processing in developmental dyscalculia. Curr Biol, 17(24), R1042-R1043. Abstract.  Author URL.


Ansari D, Price G, Holloway I (2010). Typical and atypical development of basic numerical magnitude representations: a review of behavioral and neuroimaging studies. In  (Ed) The Developmental Relations among Mind, Brain and Education, 105-127. Abstract.
Ansari D, Holloway ID, Price GR, van Eimeren L (2008). Toward a Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Approach to the Study of Typical and Atypical Number Development. In  (Ed) Mathematical Difficulties, 13-43. Abstract.

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