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Dr Silvana Mareva

Dr Silvana Mareva


 Washington Singer Room 218


Washington Singer Laboratories, University of Exeter, Perry Road, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4QG, UK


Silvana is a Lectuer in Clinical Psychology with background in developmental cognitive neuroscience and transdiagnostic approaches to neurodevelopment. Prior to joining Psychology, Silvana worked at Centre for Attention, Learning, and Memory (CALM) at the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge and the Peninsula Mental Health Research Initiative (PenMHRI) at NIHR PenARC, University of Exeter. Her work focuses on studying neurodevelopmental differences transdiagnostically aiming to understand how and why children may struggle at school and how to support the wellbeing of neurodivergent young people.


MA (Hons) Psychology, University of Edinburgh

PhD Medical Sciences, University of Cambridge

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Journal articles

Ruggeri K, Stock F, Haslam SA, Capraro V, Boggio P, Ellemers N, Cichocka A, Douglas KM, Rand DG, van der Linden S, et al (2024). A synthesis of evidence for policy from behavioural science during COVID-19. Nature, 625(7993), 134-147. Abstract.  Author URL.
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Mareva S, Akarca D, Holmes J (2023). Transdiagnostic profiles of behaviour and communication relate to academic and socioemotional functioning and neural white matter organisation. JOURNAL OF CHILD PSYCHOLOGY AND PSYCHIATRY, 64(2), 217-233.  Author URL.
Mareva S, Holmes J (2022). Cognitive and Academic Skills in Two Developmental Cohorts of Different Ability Level: a Mutualistic Network Perspective. JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH IN MEMORY AND COGNITION, 11(2), 209-217.  Author URL.
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Simpson-Kent IL, Fried EI, Akarca D, Mareva S, Bullmore ET, Kievit RA (2021). Bridging Brain and Cognition: a Multilayer Network Analysis of Brain Structural Covariance and General Intelligence in a Developmental Sample of Struggling Learners. JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENCE, 9(2).  Author URL.
Holmes J, Guy J, Kievit RA, Bryant A, Mareva S, Gathercole SE (2021). Cognitive Dimensions of Learning in Children with Problems in Attention, Learning, and Memory. JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY, 113(7), 1454-1480.  Author URL.
Mareva S, Holmes J (2021). Cognitive and Academic Skills in Two Developmental Cohorts of Different Ability Level: a Mutualistic Network Perspective. Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition Abstract.
Wingen T, Englich B, Estal-Munoz V, Mareva S, Kassianos AP (2021). Exploring the Relationship between Social Class and Quality of Life: the Mediating Role of Power and Status. APPLIED RESEARCH IN QUALITY OF LIFE, 16(5), 1983-1998.  Author URL.
Holmes J, Mareva S, Bennett MP, Black MJ, Guy J (2021). Higher-Order Dimensions of Psychopathology in a Neurodevelopmental Transdiagnostic Sample. JOURNAL OF ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY, 130(8), 909-922.  Author URL.
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Fink E, Mareva S, Gibson JL (2020). Dispositional playfulness in young children: a cross-sectional and longitudinal examination of the psychometric properties of a new child self-reported playfulness scale and associations with social behaviour. INFANT AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT, 29(4).  Author URL.
Gibson JL, Fink E, Torres PE, Browne WV, Mareva S (2020). Making sense of social pretense: the effect of the dyad, sex, and language ability in a large observational study of children's behaviors in a social pretend play context. SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT, 29(2), 526-543.  Author URL.
Bryant A, Guy J, Team TC, Holmes J, Astle D, Baker K, Gathercole S, Holmes J, Kievit R, Manly T, et al (2020). The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire Predicts Concurrent Mental Health Difficulties in a Transdiagnostic Sample of Struggling Learners. Frontiers in Psychology, 11
Francis GA, Farr W, Mareva S, Gibson JL (2019). Do Tangible User Interfaces promote social behaviour during free play? a comparison of autistic and typically-developing children playing with passive and digital construction toys. RESEARCH IN AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS, 58, 68-82.  Author URL.
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Morey CC, Mareva S, Lelonkiewicz JR, Chevalier N (2018). Gaze-based rehearsal in children under 7: a developmental investigation of eye movements during a serial spatial memory task. DEVELOPMENTAL SCIENCE, 21(3).  Author URL.
Mareva S, Thomson D, Marenco P, Estal Munoz V, Ott CV, Schmidt B, Wingen T, Kassianos AP (2016). Study Protocol on Ecological Momentary Assessment of Health-Related Quality of Life Using a Smartphone Application. FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY, 7  Author URL.


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Ruggeri K, Stuhlreyer JP, Immonen JE, Mareva S, Friedemann M, Paul AF, Lee M, Shelton RC, Robbiani A, Thielen FW, et al (2021). Policy evaluation and behavioral economics. In  (Ed) Psychology and Behavioral Economics: Applications for Public Policy, 226-246. Abstract.
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