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 Teplong Joyce Ibrahim

Teplong Joyce Ibrahim

Postgraduate Research Student

 Washington Singer 306


Washington Singer Laboratories, University of Exeter, Perry Road, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4QG, UK


I am a Postdoctoral Researcher and Associate with Assoc. Prof. Anke Karl and Dr. Janet Smithson.


Bsc (Hons) Applied Psychology, University of Jos. Nigeria 

Msc Clinical Psychology, University of Jos, Nigeria

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Research interests

My research broadly centres around posttraumatic stress disorder, interventions and well-being in vulnerable populations.

My PhD thesis examined the state of trauma-focused interventions for PTSD and the availability of psychological support for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in north-central Nigeria. The project explored strategies to improve the practice standard for trauma care for Internally Displaced Persons in north-central Nigeria from practitioners' and IDPs' perspectives. My long-term goal is to develop a practical, sustainable, scalable, culturally specific strategy for trauma interventions for underserved and displaced populations.

Research projects

  • Damilep, Z. J, Ibrahim, T. J, Yanipouh, A. N. (2016). Attitude towards homosexuality and homophobia among teenagers. PLASU Journal of Psychological Research. Maiden edition
  • Saleh, D. A., Damilep, J. Z., & Ibrahim, T. J. (2016). Pattern of internet use, addiction and prevalence of internet addiction among undergraduate students. The International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies. IV(III). (ISSN 2321 - 9203)
  • Dafom, M. P., Pwajok, J. Y., Bot, P. M., Kutman, P. A., Dakas, J. R., Kosen, J., & Ibrahim, J. T. (2017). Substance abuse among physically challenged beggars in Jos Metropolis. Perspectives on Drugs, Alcohol and Society, 4, 55-67.
  • Ishaya, D.S, Ibrahim, T.J, Gana, J.G. (2019). Efficacy of narrative exposure therapy and gender differences on psychological trauma among internally displaced persons in Jos. Plateau State, Nigeria. Kampala International Journal of Humanities, 4 (2)
  • Saleh. D. A., Arobo, I. D., Abel, J., Ibrahim, T. J., Damilep, Z. J., Dakam, S., Terry, H. N. (2020). COVID-19 lockdown, locus of control and state anxiety among residents of Plateau State Nigeria. British Journal of Psychology Research. 8(2), pp. 41-48.
  • Ishaya, D, S., Ibrahim, T. J., Joseph, D. (2020). Assessment of psychological trauma symptoms among teachers in conflict areas: the case of biu local government area of Borno State. KIU Journal of Humanities, 5(2), p. 157-162, ISSN 2522-2821.
  • Saleh, D. A., Dakama, S. E., & Ibrahim, T. J. (2020). Assessment of personality and problem gambling among individuals playing football/sports gambling within Jos metropolis. PLASU Journal of Psychological Research, 2(1), 1-10
  • Ishaya, D. S., Ibrahim, T. J., Gana, J. G. (2020). Efficacy of narrative exposure therapy and age differences on psychological trauma symptoms among internally displaced persons in Jos, plateau state, Nigeria. KIU Journal of Social Sciences, 6(2) p. 139-146, July 2020. ISSN 2519-0474.
  • Ibrahim, T. J., Ojih, E. O., Saleh,. D.A. & Karl., A. (n.d). PTSD severity and exposure to trauma: Associations with mental wellbeing of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in north-central Nigeria. (Yet to publish)
  •  Ibrahim, T. J., Smithson, J., Saleh,. D.A. & Karl., A. (n.d). A qualitative exploration of trauma exposure and wellbeing amongst internally displaced persons in north central Nigeria (Yet to publish)
  • Ibrahim, T. J., Smithson, J., & Karl. A. (n.d). Exploring practitioner perspectives on access to trauma-focused care for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in North-central Nigeria: A convergent parallel mixed-method study (Yet to publish).


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