Seminar Series

The Centre for Research in Animal Behaviour hosts a series of seminars. All are welcome.


When  Speaker Title  Where
Friday 16 October  2020 13.30 Thomas Haaland Adaptations to variable environments on different evolutionary time-scales Zoom
Friday 23 October  2020 13.30 Eleanor Caves Vision and signaling behaviour in cleaner shrimp-client fish mutualisms Zoom
Friday 30 October  2020 13.30      
Friday 6 November 2020 13.30      
Friday 13 November 2020 13.30 Meg Crofoot The Ecology of Animal Societies Zoom
Friday 20 November 2020 13.30 Lisa Riley Conserving culture: Abnormal behaviour, cognitive enrichment, and the conservation potential of captive primates Zoom
Friday 27 November 2020 13.30 Sinead English
The evolution of sensitive windows during development: insights from unusual insects  Zoom
Friday 4 December 2020 13.30 Dai Shizuka The social dimensions of ‘winter’ ecology of migrant sparrows Zoom
Friday 11 December 2020 13.30      
Friday 8 January 2021 13.30      
Friday 15 January 2021 13.30 Nadine Müller-Klein Host parasite interactions in semi free-ranging Barbary macaques - closing a can of worms?  
Friday 22 January 2021 13.30 Mike Mendl Animal emotion and decision-making: judgement bias as an indicator of animal affect and welfare Zoom
Friday 29 January 2021 13.30 David Shohami Why did the bat cross the valley? Navigation and tree selection in free-ranging Egyptian fruit bats Zoom
Friday 5 February 2021 13.30 Daniela Perez Synchronous courtship in fiddler crabs Zoom
Friday 12 February 2021 13.30 Gabriella Cini Gail The effect of challenging environmental conditions on meerkat group coordination Zoom
Friday 19 February 2021 13.30 Sigrunn Eliassen
Mating strategies and evolutionary games in cooperative neighbourhoods Zoom
Friday 26 February 2021 13.30     Zoom
Friday 5 March 2021 13.30 Sandra Winters CANCELLED Zoom
Friday 12 March 2021 13.30 Quinn Webber Is it social or spatial? The causes and consequences of the relationship between social behaviour and habitat selection in caribou Zoom
Friday 19 March 2021 13.30 Richard Holland  True navigation in migratory birds Zoom
Friday 26 March 2021 13.30 Daniel Tomsic  CANCELLED  Zoom
Friday 30 April 2021 13.30 Adriana Maldonado-Chaparro TBC Variation in social behaviour Zoom
Friday 7 May 2021 13.30     Zoom
Friday 14 May 2021 13.30     Zoom


There are no current events to display, but please come back soon for updates.

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