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 Eirini Ketzitzidou Argyri

Eirini Ketzitzidou Argyri

Graduate Research Assistant

 Washington Singer 307


Washington Singer Laboratories, University of Exeter, Perry Road, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4QG, UK


I study the subjective nature of individual and shared Reality via the mechanisms that unlock Mental Plasticity: (trauma - growth)

I look at the dynamics underlying our perceptions of Normality, exploring the meaning of diversity for the individual, deeper inter-personal connection, and the broader (felt) sense of psychological inclusion.

I adopt a philosophical approach as a psychologist with the guiding principle that "the past informs us, it doesn't have to constrain us".

Broadly, my research centres and circles around:

- Untangling the cognitive mechanisms behind prejudice, perspective change, and open-mindedness 

- Identifying links that bring us closer to connection with 'the other', and within

- Creating transformation through identity-transcending empowerment

My creative philosophy (under construction) is encapsulated in logos eirini, building on 3 'Novels' within The Laughter of Time : A View of The Metaphorical World.

The first 'Novel', 'Το Πιθανό' (Arket, 2014), is a philosophical-psychological story, published in Greek by Gavrielides books. The story of an amnesiac psychiatric patient who gets lost in dream worlds becomes a call for the reader to explore how our construction of reality and sense of self rely on the narratives that make up our memory.

The novel plays on the conflation of the probable and the possible, highlighting the liberating power of the realisation that "our perception of the probable directs our possible and limits our ability to reach our potential".

I have presented the novel at cultural events and media interviews in Greece, alongside Prof Hyphantis (Professor of Psychiatry, specialising in Psychosomatics), Prof Mantadaki (author and Prof of Literature, specialising in language learning), Dr Anagnostou (author and philologist) and Prof Koutras (Professor of Medicine, specialising in psychosocial education and addiction prevention).

My work integrates creative writing, philosophical questioning, and psychological research.

Question in the Mirror is a take on an autobiography within a poem  A case study of questioning the essentialism of a mental identity (as a neurodiverse individual).

The Lockdown Key is a symbolical questioning of narrative formation and a proposition of our potential to uncover an Author Self under the masks.

I joined the University of Exeter in September 2019, moving from London where I was working as a Research Consultant for LACE Partners, a Human Resources consultancy, exploring the role of techno-logy partnerships in employee wellbeing and flourishing company cultures.

At Exeter's Psychology department I work with Professor Rutland’s Developmental Intergroup Processes lab, looking at children’s and adolescents’ social-moral reasoning and the role norms play across development.

On the Bystander project, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the team looks at children’s and adolescents’ bystander reactions to, and evaluations of, the social exclusion of immigrant peers. I focus on the way children and adolescents reason about their evaluations of the exclusion and those who challenge it, through the lens of the Social Reasoning Development (SRD) model.


MSc Psychology of Education (UCL Institute of Education, Distinction)

Ptychion (Degree) in Philosophy, Pedagogy & Psychology (Psychology pathway; University of Ioannina, Greece)


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Research interests

My research interests are expanding in the field of psychedelic research, viewing the substances as elicitors of diversifying experiences that enable psychological transformation.

I have been awarded an ESRC studentship to study 'The role of awe in psychedelic-induced psychological transformation: Psychedelic Awakening with Awe' with Celia Morgan and Malgorzata Goclowska, Gosia - University of Bath), commencing September 2021.

Within this research I study the state of 'Mental Plasticity' elicited by the psychedelic-induced mystical experience, and its 'magical' potential for:

-untangling the web of the subjective nature of our reality that holds us prisoners to our memory

-reconnecting us to the depths of meaning lost in increasingly complex, yet nuance-blind digital worlds.

With a background of (ancient) Greek language, philosophy and education studies, I advocate for an interdisciplinary approach to psychology research.

At UCL and Exeter University, I have worked on projects studying social-cognitive flexibility and the role of morality and social conventions in children's reasoning about exclusion.

I am impassioned to increase neurodiversity awareness by addressing norms of judgment and norms of silence. I am currently pursuing this by studying harmful societal misconceptions about ADHD, the resulting shame and development of masking.

I am a strong advocate for adopting a philosophical approach in science and personal life by challenging assumptions at an inter&intra-personal and intergroup level.

Always looking to have open, norm-free and honest discussions to form collaborations and create avenues for change.


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